I agree with this Right Wing Nut Job

Interesting. This girl is a right wing nut job, so much so that she’s forced to post on Bitchute, presumably because Youtube won’t have her. The bizarre part is that I actually agree with a lot of what she says. If you choose to watch, skip the ad and start at the 1 min mark.

Another RWNJ I agree with, at least insofar as I don’t think she should’ve been sacked for her views.

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So, the most important thing for Americans right now is to defeat Trump. Given that, I’m willing to accept some (ok a lot of) bs from the left. This little bit of bs does amuse me, however. Everyone in mainstream media has been losing it over Trump’s apparent endorsement of the supposedly white supremacist Proud Boys. I decided to look them up. Here’s their president. Interesting choice for a bunch of supposed White Supremacists. lol.


So you admit that YouTube unfairly censored her?

It’s not bizarre that you agree with her. It’s bizarre that you admit it.

Michele, you neglected to answer my question in the coronavirus thread.

That’s disappointing and my mistake. I meant to dissect every word.

A Wisconsin pharmacist convinced the world was “crashing down” told police he …
i wonder if he wanted to raise children in that world

…thought the vaccine would cause a person DNA to mutate.
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