Home schooling

something i read once
and a home schooler probably can’t

Homeschooled children face many social problems; they cannot interact with different groups of people properly and this will detrimentally affect their future life.

You have absolutely no idea about homeschooling/ freescholing/ unschooling.

Even gliberals get the advantages these days. Are you one of the EU deep-staters?

This approach is undesirable for further pursuit.

So do Professors.

That’s because your interaction is bs. Your comments are filled with sarcasm and mockery and in case you missed it, I graduated from elementary school.

note the class of people who responded to this innocent post of a quote from the internet
two cute pictures of people on the main forum page
next to a stump with a perch in it

That’s considered a masters degree in Oklahoma.

It’s like one big happy family in here.

Well, we take home schooling seriously and I didn’t get Your joke.
I am from Germany and have a special - A VERY SPECIAL - sense of humor.

if home schooling is an oxymoron, why are the graduates called just plain morons?
shouldn’t they be an oxymoron?
it could be a title, like md or ph.d
john smith, OM

I dislike home-schooling in principle because many parents are crazy, but I can’t deny the results. Home-schooled kids do better on almost all tests across the board and score far higher on SAT and college entrance exams than non-home-schooled kids.


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i believe i opened this topic citing the emotional and group skills
or lack thereof
that home schooling produces
i could offer you internet snippets on that
instead i offer gracie

True, but you also called them morons and suggested they couldn’t read. I know of no way to assess interpersonal skills but studies on the subject suggest your main point is also incorrect.

HOMESCHOOLED CHILDREN’S SOCIAL skills scores were consistently higher than those of public school students. Differences were most marked for girls and for older children, and encompassed all four of the specific skills tested: cooperation, assertiveness, empathy, and self-control.

how many home school products have you met?
i have met about 20 adults
they are mostly religious fearful people incapable of assessing new data
i got enough here to justify the stereotype

I agree, actually. I am not a fan of home-schooling. I just think it’s best to aim correctly. Don’t call them morons. They’re not. Don’t say they can’t read. They read better than non-home-schooled people. Don’t say they can’t interact. They interact and socialize well. The problem with home schooling is none of those things.

The problem with home schooling is it leads to and promotes more religious nuttery.

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Well, thank You for acknoleging this.

I don’t know about that. I attended the European homeschooling festival “schulfreifestival” once with the pretext of finding allies and (maybe more…) amongst hundreds of families with children and single people and I found myself pretty isolated there.
I personally haven’t seen ANY person even closely religious to my degree (having attended public school) and I observed with quite some reluctance

  • gliberal attitudes and enablerism
  • lag of focus on god and his laws
  • overall Anti-Trumpian vibes even though ppl were quite lovely (up to the point I even refrained to show my MAGA-gear to prevent “Randy Marsh" experiences)
  • the pettyful few people of my mindset being silenced rather quickly (censorship!!!)

to the point I had to keep it tone down to not experience the “Randy Marsh” treatment (yet again).

The perfected example.

You’ve probably called them worse than that. Stop pretending to be so righteous.

Well, are you going to agree with him or not. Because you seem to be having a problem with a balanced decision.

Translation: I hate school unless I’m the teacher, you’re the student and the subject is, exclusively, sex education. Then I expect you to work your hardest to make the grade with whatever tools I or my handy dandy assistant give you, after which you will be tested wink wink* and failure is the only option for which rinse and repeat will dutifully apply until the assignment is perfected, everything else is gone and all you have left is what I give you which, btw, most people think is never anything but I’m always empathetic toward the unschooled.

Translation: You’re not a nice person, bill. we don’t call them morons until they graduate from borderline retard level.

Translation: They read the alphabet better than most.

Translation: The moronic simply need direction. For instance, I may tell one moron to go left while my assistant may tell the same moron to go right. You may think that’s confusing to a moron but who cares. It’s all about those numbers. How the moron tested.

Translation: Not really. I don’t teach or promote religion.

Translation: I was looking for a dirty girl like me but found them completely tainted and undeserving of my strong Aryan presence.

I personally haven’t seen ANY person even closely religious to Ben’s degree.

You should teach on those subjects. But only one thing at a time. I wouldn’t want you to be overwhelmed on the first day.


Don’t act like a prude.

Uhhm, thank You for the translation which just made my evening!
I am feeling my strong Aryan presence pretty intensely right now!

You mean I should do the “Randy Marsh” like the sole one Anastasia movement guy I met there and get kicked out of the festival the first evening like uhmm “back in the days”?

If you want to play a dingbat, be my guest.

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