Holy Shi'ite

Time for Coronavirus in Iran. As the disease spreads worldwide President Goofball of the US has appointed VP Mike Pence to be in charge of US response. Maybe he will organize a prayer group. While US health officials warn of an increase in cases President LiesThroughHisEyeballs said there are only 15 cases in US when in fact there are 60. Not a good time for a fucking lyingass president.

Look, Nico. This is sarcasm. True prayer is not even welcome here as the virus spreads around the world. Bitching will stop the spread as Will can testify to.

is it? you would have to ask mybigmoon but it would surprise me if trump wouldnt use/mention the coronavirus in his next public prayer

No need. Contrary to popular belief, I can read.

Public prayer? I wasn’t aware Trump prayed publicly.

reading is one thing, understanding what others mean is a total different thing, things are easily assumed

you forgot your national prayer breakfast? apparently its the best time to promote your politics…

I understand sarcasm well but I think only Will can confirm or deny the sarcastic meaning of his comment.

You shouldn’t concern yourself with what I don’t understand. I’ll figure it out.
I understand you and that should be all that matters to you.

yes, only mybigmoon can confirm or deny his meaning

concerning yourself with what others dont understand sounds caring and helpful to me

only focussing on whether someone understands only me sounds selfish to me

You are selfish but we are going to try and help you with that and your denial problem.

yes iam very selfish in certain areas
i appreciate and am looking forward to your attempts to help me

I look forward to the challenge.

how will you help me?

Not I, Nico. We.

there is no we

You have tunnel vision. We doesn’t always include you. We will try and help you face this truth.

ah yes that just shows how selfish iam lol i always forget about those imaginary beings

I don’t know how you could remember One if you never had Him.

exactly why i always forget