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DONG! The bell tolls for thee.


Lol. I had an empathy squeeze of the legs. Sounds very painful. Even without the heart attack.


He could have just bought another huge yacht I suppose.


On another note, my BP is through the roof lately. Top number over 200 yesterday. 189/96 today. I take clonidine but something has changed. Not sure what. Also blood/oxy level of 92.


Holy mierda. You’ve obviously thought about what could be causing it. I’ve never heard of numbers like that without an obvious cause.


Not sure. Also take Losartan. Not feeling any more stress than usual. Diet the same. Drinking more. Dunno, maybe a welcome stroke in my future. :smiley: Will text my Dr. later.


Friend, I know you are pretty lefty-liberal. But do you absolutely have to take Loser-tan because of it? I feel with you now.
Like in the Xurious alt-right video you are this

and want to become this:

But be assured there is another way without Loser-tan! However You will have to change your mind about nationalism and train harder!


Becoming right wing is very similar to having a stroke.

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“sigh” Where to begin. Losartan is a blood pressure medication. It is not for body building. Your ignorance is one of the requirements of being a white nationalist. Most of the people I have seen that belong to those types of organizations are delusional and eagerly lap up alt-right propaganda just as you do. If having a muscular body is that important to you, you are far from achieving it from the pictures I have seen of you. So let’s sum up. You’re stupid and fat. You can’t get a woman so you beat your meat constantly which makes you a jerkoff. How’s your blood pressure?


Thank You for your kind words. I just love my bbad-libtards!!
My blood pressure has always been - thanks to constant “mechanical pressure releases” - near perfect. The only “bad” values I received so far are kidney values.
Just today some handsome young lad told me that I look MUCH younger than I actually am. He thought I was below 30 according to my acting and - not one grey hair.
When it comes to the “women front” I just got ditched today. Seems as if she missed out on my superior body (not one grey hair) and intellect as well as religious knowledge…she hadn’t been “on the heavy side” nor religious anyways so its no surprise it didn’t go well

Au contraire, my brown friend, being right-wings seems to decelerate one’s aging process!!!


I do live in my own world… and I just LOVE it. Jesus told us to not be part of this world. :wink:

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Haha! Just like I said, you’re always jerking off. Jerk off. So you got ditched today? No surprise there. I have seen pictures of your “superior body” Hahahaha! (takes a breath) Ahahahahahha!


Laugh at the top of your lungs (as long as they still support it) - I am secure in my A.B.S. - aryan body superiority. Women of all colours know…

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Thank you. Hahahahaahhahahhaha!


Death wish?




Would you like that ring in rubber or plastic. Both will melt when extreme heat is applied. I can order them in spontaneous combustion or eternal burn.


I must say your retorts have improved over time. Perhaps you did learn something.


You get no credit for that, Old Timer!