Happy thanksgiving y'all


I tried calling right now. For all we know yours was in October Billy.

You seriously think Bill is Canadian, Mark?

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all the yanks. It’s been a crappy year but there’s still plenty to be thankful for these days.

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try to keep up

No, I think Bill is counterfeit.

Do you think Bill is a character I created, Mark, and that it’s actually me typing his posts?

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I think it was a person who passed away and another person who just assumed the identity.

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Interesting theory. I doubt that but it’s possible. Perhaps it’s Kyaela.

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Or perhaps it’s Michele trying too hard to take the soul of everyone attribute it to her husband or some other man.

The reincarnation of bill lowerre is bill lowerre? That would be a cool trick.

Happy Thanksgiving all! I’ll be drinking cranberry mules and eating sweet potatoes. It is raining pretty good out now but at least no snow.

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Not good for me. Some track just doesn’t play right.

Happy thanksgiving. Glad so many are providing meals for those less fortunate.

It’s terrible not just to be out of a job during the holidays, but to be out of a jaw on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Because it’s just that way from now on.

Can’t even save face.

What does that mean? Sometimes your posts are so crystal clear I can’t resist replying. Other times, like here, not so much.

I can’t understand you through your accident.


Nonsensical. I haven’t had an accident that I’m aware of.