MIchele don’t cotton to that “book larnin”.

Your wrong.

It is when you say it.

I still deny it.

None you are qualified to speak on.

So is you’re uniqueness.

So is truth!



you forgot to address i proved you were a liar
i just retweeted it
worked for your hero
doesn’t work for you
never worked on me



I was wrong on that. It will kill 4 x as many people as H1N1. About as many as tuberculosis. I think I also predicted less than 100,000 Americans would die, which is another one I got wrong.

that’s what you say when youre’re’er’rr wrong
“i deny it”
not so much

Okay. I proved you were a liar.

I can prove it again too.

Then Twitter my hero.

I object to this accusation. It’s repetitive, like a one-trick pony.

You just haven’t been here long enough. Any useless fool knows it plays on you first.

Interesting that you use Merriam-Webster dictionary to explain the meaning of a word, but totally ignore the same source when it comes to “Feminism“ but use your own self-brewed definition instead.

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I do not deny that feminism is a word. If you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that I acknowledge that almost every word has different meanings to different people.

I use the word “failing” the way the Spanish use the word “falta” (example: “Washing your hands is best. Failing that, use antibacterial gel.”). I don’t recall anyone else here doing that. Most use the word failing to refer to a flaw (example: “Stubbornness is one of your many failings, Gunda.”). Neither usage is wrong.

Even symbols have different meanings. I wear a poppy to remember those killed in stupid wars. Others wear them to remember and honour the soldiers of those wars. Again, neither usage is wrong.

i wear poppies to remember that time i was dating a nurse and she shot me up with heroin

You missed my point as usual Reggie. You refer to Merriam Webster (or the Bible or any other source) whenever it suits your goal, but turn a blind eye, when it doesn‘t, regardless which topic. To top it, you lie about my attitudes and expectations on men, despite I never ever have stated anything which would justify your claims. You even threw me into a pot with that Norwegian terrorist, only because I oppose the current immigration politics in Germany. Funny you dislike Trump when you have so much in common with him.

And my point was that every word can have multiple meanings, including new meanings that people create on the fly. I have never suggested Merriam Webster is some kind of modern Holy Bible that has the ultimate say on all things. They are often right. They are right about you being a Zionist, for instance. I even recall you emailing them trying to get them to change their definition because you didn’t want to be called a Zionist even though you are one.

Really? True or false, you stated that men should hand over half their income (in cash or bank transfer) to women who stay at home and keep house?

I don’t recall that but obviously you both seek to stop immigration. Aside from that, I don’t see much in common. I do not accuse you of racism.

I agree with him on many points. I agree with him about the two oil pipelines he approved. I now think in retrospect that starting a trade war with China was a good idea and the rest of us were wrong about that at the time. None of us wants to go back to China not allowing our stuff into their market while selling their stuff to our markets freely. I honestly can’t think of much else I agree with him on.

Let’s find out.

Are you against theft or are you willing to turn a blind eye to it if it plays into your agenda?

There are over 200 sworn notarized affidavits testifying to voter fraud. Fraud that could allow Biden to steal the election, allowing China to flood our markets with their cheap garbage. Do you think Trump has a right to file a lawsuit?

((tthheeyy)) are suppressing the notaries

I am against theft.

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Yes, I think Trump has a right to file a lawsuit. I also think the courts have a right to dismiss those frivolous lawsuits. I think the press has the right to declare who they think won regardless of frivolous lawsuits to the contrary. I think the electoral college has the right to certify a victor as they always do, and I think that victor will be Joe Biden, a man I dislike but prefer to your orange buffoon.

((tthheeyy)) control the courts
man are you stupid

It’s three parentheses on each side, Bill. Get with the Jewish program.