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Grönemeyer got old too. Sometimes he still manages to produce nice stuff. Nice music, great lyrics. I also love in this piece, that he asked fans for special moments of luck to be used in his official music video.

I love folk songs, no matter from which (mainly European) country and in which language they come. I found this on Reinhard Mey‘s YouTube channel. A duet in english together with his daughter. A very enchanting english folksong. Embedded in family pictures.

This is song about my country („Mein Land“) and Mey describes exactly how I feel about it. I feel ashamed about it nearly every day I read the news, but not for the reasons most people might assume. Recently I read about someone (I forgot his name), who described Germany as a mighty country with the heart of a mouse. I disagree with the first part, but wholeheartedly agree with his heart metapher. Exactly that‘s the reason for most of the grief my country gives to me.

Not sure if Mey’s reasons are similar to mine, but at least I can fully agree with the text. The only difference is, that meanwhile I lost my patience and naivety.

PS: Despite Mey‘s incredibly sharp and bitter lyrics, his warm way to pronounce even the saddest adjectives, makes that I have to smile the longer the song lasts.

Do not be unhappy. While it is true that German men are cross dressing pansies, take heart in that at least you are not Dutch.

As I am no homophob like you, that‘s not what makes me worry.

Ok, I’ll bite. What makes you worry about your nation, Gunda?

although mice are not dutch they are very caring family oriented creatures;)

I love the old German songs of the 50 and 60. As well as the clothes of that time.

I was actually looking for an attractively calm interpreted US folksong, which I just heard in a documentation about Austria, when I stumbled over this unknown new song by Grönemeyer. Maybe it‘s because of this late hour. Certainly it can‘t be the alcohol, as I am stone-cold sober. Listened to it just once yet but the mood of the piano as well as the old-fashioned German words he digged out from a nearly forgotten magic world, made the perception somehow surreal - and inspires awe. The light summing of the choir at the end underscores this effect. Despite a non-spectacular melody, Beautiful message which adresses two people to protect each other and their love.

Even the title is old-fashioned: Immerfort (Evermore)

Wenn heute auch schon morgen wär’
Gehe das Glück stets neben euch her
Verlässt euch an keinem noch so entlegenden Ort
Als einseliger Akkord, immerfort, immerfort

Gebt auf eure Liebe acht
Seht immer wieder im Herzen nach
Dass kein einziges Gefühl dort still verdorrt
Seid einseliger Akkord, immerfort, immerfort
Seid einseliger Akkord, immerfort, immerfort

Legt nach, liebt euch Tag für Tag
Legt nach, liebt euch jeden Tag

Was immer euch die Zeit zuweht
Steht zusammen, bis der Sturm sich legt
Seid einander ein sanftester Hort
Seid einseliger Akkord, immerfort, immerfort

Legt nach, liebt euch Tag für Tag
Legt nach, liebt euch jeden Tag

LOL: I found myself within this video hihihihi almost as a millipixel
But I won’t tell where

You went to a concert by blacks singing about fighting poverty and welcoming refugees. Maybe there’s hope for you after all.

An Anti-Corona measures and enforced vaxxing demonstration that is.

Such a racist comment! The guy is right on topic regardless of his skin color. I only saw the color of his bright soul…

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Uhm, “our” main-stream media told me about the event the tale of 17000 Nazis and far-right conspiracy theorists…

Another nice big smile:

  • German YT legend “Big Daddy” seemingly is back:

(Music starts around 1:00)
(singing about his big “Cojones” @2:20)

I only understood “große cojones”. lol.

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Very good. It is his central message! This and rants about the “Scheiss NWO” - the main opponent

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Guten Morgen Uli. Pass gut auf Dich auf, wo immer Du auch bist. Du wirst geliebt und sehr vermisst.

Grönemeyer ist ganz nett aber gegen BigDaddyRey619 hat er keine Paua und auch die Koionnes reichen nicht aus um gegen die einzig wahre Legende anzustinken.
And he actually does wear the most faggy of glasses ever in the video…

PS:@2:28 Shalom KAWAI!!!

-nur für :heart_eyes:DICH, Gundy -:kiss:
(Shalom KAWAI @0:28)

Heil NWO!
Heil Lickfeld!
Heil Baraka!

I only like one Grönemeyer song, but I love it very much.

This Dannyboy-style song got Youtube-banned well before the great WN purge of early 2019. Now it has been reupped to stay for a whole year seemingly. Stamina like a voluptous chubby girl with female rounds.

Get it while you can