Four dead in ohio


time for you to go

Here’s to hoping you go with him. :coffee: Adios!

this from someone who got arrested for professing the same thing as gracie
“I left one unconscious so I did my little part and got the [expletive] out before I got arrested”
good thing they didn’t burn d.c. to the ground
all the fire extinguishers had already been thrown
these people don’t know who they want to kill
they just want to kill
donnie told them they could
donnie was wrong
gracie incites me to hope gracie meets an effective terrorist

You’re in luck. I’ve met two.

the chemistry professor that lost his wife
the battered mother of 3 children
the forty year old that’s been drinking a fifth of vodka every day for thirty years
judge one
help none

We are homeless, we are homeless
The moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake
And we are homeless, homeless, homeless
The moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

not nursing the same bottle
i didn’t mean that
help help i’m being engaged

marjorie greene won her election with the same percentage as trump won oklahoma

Really? That’s so fascinating, Billy. What percentage is that? So interesting. Thank you for the wealth of information you provide every day. So helpful and informative. Fascinating! I’m just bubbling over with joy for the new knowledge I gain from your vague posts. Really, I couldn’t be more engrossed.
Btw, The Democratic Party is in the process of removing her from the political scene. She doesn’t belong there. Her conspiracy theories could be misconstrued and the whole world would start thinking the wealthiest 1% control the news we read, movies we watch, the judges we appoint, the leaders we elect, the elections we hold, the police protection we need, the education we pay for and the money we earn. How stupid! Like you, I can’t wait until she’s gone for good.