Female voices encourage harmful gender biases

Amazon’s Alexa reinforces the idea that women are ‘subservient’

I’m curious what Gunda thinks about this :thinking:

There would be too many women complaining if the GPS had a male’s voice. Telling them where to drive and such. They didn’t really have a choice

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I’m actually surprised it’s not configurable.

If you use Waze, you can set it to Morgan Freeman.

Great idea, Dan! It would be like putting a god in vehicles. Except…if I get into the heart of the city and he loops me around, I’m going to have a sudden urge to reach my hand through the phone and push MF out the back. :woman_shrugging:

Being proud to be gay is fine, but don’t say you’re proud to be a woman. No no.

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This has been covered by Bad Wolves and Dan Vasc too:

yayy cranberries! :wink:

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hitler invaded russia with 3 million troops in 3 main battle groups
let’s say one million troops in each
putin has 100,000 as the news screams at me each night on ABC at 6:30
also, it is february in the ukraine
i don’t think so, and i hate to be wrong

hitler invaded in june
The current size of Ukraine’s armed forces, which consists of 250,000 (215,000 military personnel), is the largest in Europe, and second in the region after the Russian Armed Forces
i don’t think so, and i hate to be wrong