fEelidae-pAntherinae/fElinae: bIg cAts And Other nOn dOmestic. lIkes, Dislikes, Campari

help help
my garden has a weed

reggie’s tree fort on the internet thingie
oh and free speech
as long as it is capitalized correctly
so it looks nice
for people with too much time and too little sense
like the great unwashed asshole dear leader in the cloud

Back to heckling this morning, Bill? You were almost acting like an adult for a brief time. Are you waiting for someone to pat you on the head and ask you to stop screaming in the supermarket?

Seems somebody had this idea before.

I’m trying to like cheetahs better. I know something about them that he doesn’t mention. He does mention a lot though like non retractable claws that aren’t sharp enough when tried to use as weapons with lower powered limbs- a speed sacrifice.