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Your children haven’t confiscated your license?

good luck with that. why should they?

Because your reaction time has slowed.

so has yours. I am a good driver. A little fast sometimes.

I can’t argue with that.

Ever crashed?

Not since high school. You?

Not since last year.

What happened?

Some guy on a back road ( I was taking a shortcut) decided to put it in reverse and backed into me.

No insurance.

I am an open book because privacy means nothing.

Interesting. That’s what I call Erika. Her middle name is Isabel.

*Skipping the next 100 posts.

That’s pretty, Reg. I have a granddaughter named Isabella. Erika Isabel means:

Eternal or complete ruler, pledged to God. She’s blessed.

interesting, didnt ferni have a daughter called isi or isa as well?

and who could forget issimetes from chat lol

Jeb shams 2

Jebel Shams Oman

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That is beautiful and inviting until I see pictures made in daylight. Then it becomes another barren landscape. Different strokes I know but I have never understood attractions to deserts. Angie likes them.

I like them, myself. Petra looks amazing. I haven’t seen it but I think Julie did. I won’t anytime soon. Right now I’m focused on South America. I hope I live at least another 15 years. I’ll need that long to see everything. And even then, I’m hoping COVID and other sicknesses don’t destroy travel.

Petra was amazing

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Angkor Wat was up there too when it comes to impressive. .