Fastest Self Driving Car (Hint: It's not a Tesla)


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Not self driving but still electric.


Is it too soon to get an electric? I’ll be getting a car in 1 to 3 years. Nissan leaf is a possibilty. I have a garage so that helps. I’ll also almost never lose power.


No way, it’s not too early. I live in apartments so it’s harder for me but I would get an electric car for sure if I had a house. The only thing I would be cautious about is buying used. I am usually a big fan of buying used cars but we don’t yet know how long these batteries last.


They do not retain value. I wonder about the warranties. Nissan has decent reviews.


Well, not retaining value is usually a good reason to buy used but this is uncharted territory.


Most of the problems they have are related to the battery. Overheat, catch fire, limited mileage. I do like the performance though.


I’ve read a bit about them. It looks like chevy has ditched the volt and a lot of people got fired, but they are working on new EVs. Once they sell 200000 EVs of a model in the usa, the tax credit goes down. I’m hoping that there will be more new EVs and Bernie will keep the credits going for the new models. It seems like electric would be great in the city, but most garages are not in the city. We had 22800 in itemized deductions this year and because of the standard being 24400, I was able to claim zero dollars of the interest on the new mortgage, lol. It was not an awful return. Probably 2500 less than I was expecting.


Radio is awful now. I have no cd player, so in the car for a total of 90 minutes a day, I listen to silence or stream a talk or something. Anything from building decks, baking ideas, maintaining lawns. Now I’m on electric cars. I’d rather get an electric than a hybrid. One of the big advantages of electric is almost no maintenance, which is lost in a hybrid.


Have you tried Sirius or whatever the satellite radio there is called? I haven’t but it seems like a cool idea.


No. Maybe my next car I will. Probably a car channel I’m sure.


The only advantage of the plug in hybrid over electric is anxiety. That’s pretty obvious, but it seems the plug in hybrids should have a level 2 charging system as well as the electric cars. So the plugins get the same charger, but only go 40 miles on a charge and need ICE maintenance. A decent amount of evs can go 250 miles and are using the same charger, which would cost close to 2000 dollars to install a 240 volt outlet in my garage. I should have put the clothes dryer in the garage lol.

I probably can’t do anything for 2 years, but I just bought a Powerball ticket.


I like the idea of electric cars but when I actually buy a car (usually because the last one broke), I can never get over the price difference.


They are quite different if they are used. Hyundai has an electric SUV with 250 miles of range for under 30,000 after the tax break. I’m not doing anything for 2 years hopefully. I’m still waiting for the price to drop a bit.

They are also difficult to find in certain states, although I am guessing New England should have a flux of them after the west coast does their thing first.


Do you have a car now?


I have a car in Canada. I don’t have one in Colombia but I am thinking about that. It’s harder to live without a car in Medellin than Mosquera.


No electric cars here btw, at least none to speak of.


I hope they have good self driving cars when I’m 90, so I can get around OK.


I hope so too. God help the public if you’re still driving at 90.