Fastest Self Driving Car (Hint: It's not a Tesla)


Did you watch that video I posted yesterday?


In “Clinton body count”?


It was kind of interesting and drew a bit of a picture of what’s coming.


I’m assuming you didn’t from the sound of your silence lol


If there’s evidence against Clinton, someone should report it. If there’s no evidence, I don’t care.


That’s just it, Reg, it has been reported.


Have you travelled around the world, Reg?


*Cast a line, snag a Reg, real, real, real, pulllll!!! lol *must be dinner time.


It has been reported? I am not aware of any evidence at all. A day or two ago, I asked you for evidence and you said it had all been destroyed, and then linked to a story about some guy who destroyed a box of papers admitting he didn’t know what was in the box.

I’ve traveled a lot but really these last few years are the first time I’ve done it relaxed and with no purpose other than to see the world. It’s wonderful doing it this way.

And yes, I’m multitasking. My woman is trying to figure out how to do DNA barcoding of mites for her PhD project and I’m helping her look.


What time did you get to bed last night?


Keep looking or she’s going to know you are distracted lol


Still looking? lol


Not late. Maybe midnight. I am much more productive if I go to sleep early and wake up early.


Were you productive today?


Not very but I had a good week so one soft day doesn’t matter. I also want to lose a few kilos so I am not eating much, which lowers my productivity.


I envision you accomplishing most of your productivity by way of phone.


So what are you eating?


No, you’re mistaken. One thing I pride myself on is learning from my errors. Back in my medical software days, I realized I hated talking on the phone and so I guided my life to where I don’t need to talk on the phone at all. I do all my work on my laptop.

Granola, mostly. One more month of this and I should be at my optimum weight (85 kilos) and can start eating healthy again.


Technology is a nice blessing for our generation in time. So why did you stop “multitasking” yesterday? Was it something I said? :no_mouth:

And how long are you going to keep me blocked? lol

Dear Fat People

I didn’t block you. I come and go here like everyone.