A new topic suitable for the times we live in and the “leaders” we’re stuck with. Also conspiracy theories, Micheles crazy articles and deep state panic. It could also be called Micheles House.

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An nice idea, but I doubt she will limit her conspiracy theories to this thread. lol.

Probably not. Her theories are her life.

suddenly we now want everyone to stay on topic and using the correct forums? lol reg will be quite busy moving stuff;)

Want what you want. Reg isn’t moving anything. Reg is too lazy and doesn’t care at all.

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lol you need a helper, promote mybigmoon and give him the topicthrower-badge

I’m retired

Yippee! My very own…umm, what’s a fascist?

you’ll learn soon enough if your fuhrer gets re elected

You’re delirious. He’s fighting against the globalist who are taking our right away as we speak.

I’m going to bed but you’re the one dreaming

I don’t dream.


Wasn’t that a nightmare trying to make happen.

There’s a yuge difference. Mussolini wasn’t obese. Or hideous.

Trump isn’t Mussolini or Obama. He has already risen above both.