Falling oil prices—followed by rising gas prices

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We can’t drill for less than 40 dollars a barrel and according to this article, it could drop into the 20’s.

trump says it will be all right.

I wonder if Dusty will have a job.

So will gas prices go up? Or down? I’d assume up.

It it costs more to drill for it than it’s worth then yes.

I’m assuming gas prices will go down and Dusty will lose his job.

I wouldn’t wish that on you guys.

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Thanks, Will, but I suspect it will happen. The question is how long will it stay down.

We’ve laid in a supply of beans and rice which could keep us alive for awhile if we get quarantined. Disney World is the perfect place for an outbreak.

Plus I just put in a new order for medical marijuana to be delivered.

Dusty and I went to Sams the other day. I’ve never seen so many people at Sams on a weekday. Actually, I’ve never seen so many people at Sams. The parking lot was full. The one item I was looking for, Clorox wipes, was gone. I suppose we were all thinking the same thing but if it keeps going like this, I can see a real food problem in places where there shouldn’t be any problems or panic.

I don’t see a real panic yet but the disease is spreading. Health organizations are avoiding calling it a pandemic for that reason. But it fits some definitions.

We are going to have 80 degree weather this week. I choose to believe the weather will slow the spread.

It’s been wonderfully cool here lately. Mid to high sixties with a breeze.

Costco was like that the other day
No water or toilet paper.

Supposed to be 70 this week here.

It’s worth mentioning that I think Trump said something about the weather protecting against the spread.

We’re good on TP thanks to bidets.


Reg would love this clip if there was a bidet attached to the toilet.