A ballast should provide stability to a vessel.

just shut up will ya?

You need a change. You are way overdue for it.

Are you telling me an irritating/itchy/scratchy feeling is better than no feeling at all?

I’m telling you that you are crazy. Get it?

I want to cite this in another thread as well. Do you the sense of shame here? Being a virgin as not to being a sex offender or somehow kept pure from the sex of an offender. How is that shameful? This is female impotence.

Now to not be a virgin she suggests you have to be a pedophile, and by being a voyeur and possibly violating the law with child porn she extends some “sexual credit” and lessens the teasing.

How is it you know I’m a virgin? Would you call somebody like me that to be accurate in description?

You have stated this here many times, Mark.

Do you find it strange that the only option to stop the teasing she offers is pedophilia? That and to remove the label?

Why doesn’t she offer her own sex or self? Because of her commitment? Or is it because she knows something about herself and really has nothing to offer or can perform.

You are older and degrading from a condition in your prime that is ridiculously below would I make standard. Thus you are in agreement more with Michele who will also agree, because you take cialis the logical conclusion must be drawn you have powerful sexuality and virility.

Have you ever picked up dried out dog feces with a toilet paper roll or even a used paint roller and held it steady to make it over to the trash can? I don’t think it qualifies.

If you have a true sword, you would seek out a fine scabbard. Not a pile of feces somebody is dripping pancake mix over without heat or sugar and paint.

Having no scabbard to be sheathed it doesn’t detract any from the sword standing by itself.

crazy talk. Did your mommy drop you on your head Silky?

I’m not sure if this is some strange penis/vagina symbolism but either way, the sex act is overhyped and secondary, especially as you age. What is important is the trust relationship one has with another person. It is a totally unnatural state for a man to be without a woman or for a woman to be without a man. That modern society encourages this is testament to how degraded we have become. That it is controversial to say this is testament to how ridiculous.

What do you do when a madman is loose? Humor him? Debate him? You can’t ignore him. He pushes his madness on you. He posts ridiculous attacks that cannot be responded to without scorn. Does he have no one he believes to tell him how crazy he sounds? I feel sorry for his family. He must be a great embarrassment them. I have been sick of his bullshit for a long time.

Speaking for myself, I pick and choose each time. You say you can’t ignore him but I do a lot of the time. This whole thread started as an attack on my use of cialis as I age so I have no sympathy for his complaining about whatever Michele may have said about his virginity (I didn’t bother looking up what she said as I don’t care).

he will die a virgin.

I agree with you, Mark. This kind of man-made boner pill should be prohibited in favor of higher wages, better positions and enjoying basic needs. Let us know how to acquire those things without this little blue pill.

That is just not true. I have never suggested any such thing.

Omg, you watch child porn? You are one sick, twisted :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That is untrue and misleading and you should delete that.

Back on topic I am not saying viagra and cialis do not actually work, I believe these two drugs actually do work in producing an erection for people who may have an issue with blood flow or some other type of chemical imbalance.

But I think they can be very addicting and just as dangerous as some street narcotics. There are some street narcotics that can produce probably even better effects but are contraband because of the dangerous side effects. These drugs may make people experience temporary blindness from what I have observed and then severe psychological cover up about the incident. Also they may not be producing a quality erection or having quality sex, yet are using this as an indicator of health when it is actually symptomatic of unhealth. These can also lead to severe addiction and fraud. Lots of white collar crime and ill feeling.

You cannot be an expert on ED Michele because that is all you know and you have your own dysfunction. What I want to strike at is the immorality of how you cope with it. Becoming a group of “sexual elites” with viagra prescriptions and supply and sexual deviancy do not mean any inherent quality of sexuality.

You need to stop talking to down to others based on your “decades of experience” of whatever you have been doing. You are lacking the component of sexuality to begin with.

You will agree with anyone with sexual inferiority and dysfunction as your own. Reggie is no exception.