Electoral college explained

using round numbers here
10 million people around new york city
1 million people around maine
with me?
10 to 1
all nyc votes for biden
51% maine vote for trump
if i get all of nyc working for maine, i have ten slaves.
i want that
if they get all of maine working for them, they get a tenth of a slave
they might want that, but not as much as i want 10
this from a document written when the concept of slavery had teeth

This is the important part. Letting people who bathed once a week design government for an age when elections are won and lost by AI bots manipulating social media.

which brings me to the sahara desert
trump will build a golf resort there, tell you it’s a garden, get egypt to pay for it, and charge you a pretty penny so you can say you belong to a club with golden urinals
biden will try to make it a garden
in ten years when they are both dead it will still be a desert
that’s why i’m voting for the rich white guy

why are you so interested in american politics?
i suppose i should ask why you think you are
the true reason prolly is a leftover from british royalty

change “the sahara desert” to “oklahoma”
you can use the search and replace feature in word perfect v3.0
it still holds up

Most others here are American so it’s natural to talk US politics with them. When Ferni drops by, I talk Chilean politics with her.

I’m interested in politics, period, however. I follow UK politics and note that Nigel Farage made his way over to your country to support Trump. I doubt Boris Johnson will get reelected in the UK but I’ll be watching closely when his party revolts on their leader which UK Tories tend to do quite regularly. I’m fascinated by Colombian politics and am eager to see if Duque accepts the peace accords post-Covid. I’m following the situation with Macron in France quite closely. I never really liked him but I totally support his anti-radical-Islam initiative. I’m watching closely to see who replaces Merkel in Germany when her term ends next year. I try to keep tabs on Erdogan in Turkey, Piñera in Chile, Putin in Russia, Xi in China, Duterte in the Philippines, and many others.

The world is interesting.

yeah well fuck you i am interesting
p.s. i always liked ferni
give her my best

the election is over
lady gaga is for biden

biden erred in picking a californian for a running mate
a state he was sure to win anyway
he overestimated the impact that ameica’s annual summer riots would have
pick a woman from pennsylvania
it’s hard being the smartest person in the room
i just make it look easy

if the election was decided by the popular vote, we would have had a democratic president for the last 20 years.
america is a federation of states
3 states flipped the channel on the donnie show
i’m proud to be an american

and i read a whole chapter once on various preferential schemes to ensure that even people who voted for the loser are honored in the eventual choice

they discussed i think five different ways
each variation had drawbacks and benefits
none got around the fact that somebody loses
some arranged for a gold star of achievement for the loser
i like the electoral college where regional influence factors in
plus i get slaves from red states for four years
i will be kind to them
at first

Don’t expect any reciprocal gestures in return, at fir…ever!

california has 39 million people
maine has 1 million people
we each get two senators
seems fair to me

If the Supreme Court works, we will have a globalist president for 20.