Elections 2019 results

…for all of you interested in politics:

I did observe city of Granby elections.
Granby-Gomorrah results 2019:


East Newton School Board (Two seats)

Judy Harper: 349
Bryan Johnson: 204
Chuck Cook: 350
Martin Lindstedt: 20
Tracy White: 281

City Mayor

Ira Hawkins: 228
Martin Lindstedt: 18
Casey Malloy: 18

Pastor Lindstedt didn’t make it, but he remains relevant.


I admit it is amazing that Marty got 18 votes but that doesn’t make him relevant.

He is good in poliitcs, although one shouldn’t yield for a worldly position in politics according to the bible…

I wouldn’t call someone with an 0 for hundreds record good at it but I suppose that’s a matter of perspective.

Texas lawmakers are going to vote on whether you should get the death penalty for abortion. Even if you are anti abortion, murder seems extreme.

Hey Nickscafe,
I have seen an interesting video from a gliberal Mennonite outreach exactly about this topic which incomforted me to some extend…

She calls it “consitant life ethics”. Bruderhof are very left leaning, but she surely makes a point.

I like her. My guess we would disagree on assisted suicide. I’m not too surprised about this. Most anti abortionists have no problem murdering a living human being.

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I also like her. Very much. She is far truer to her religion than most.

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I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this. She really makes a brilliant point about being pro life. How can anyone call themselves pro life without supporting universal health care?

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I didn’t think about that part. She actually cares about every human after they are born. After they have sinned. I’m a fan.

I think some judge threw out this guy’s plan to murder those who aborted. The guy who concocted this is a conservative Christian that has been married 5 times. A real family man. I wonder if he beats his wives. I bet he hates women. Or looks down upon them as nothing but a child carrier.

We found a common denomination in her views :wink:
I respect her view, too, very much. Bruderhofers soooo gliberal yet loveable.

Well first of all a baby inside the womb is as much a living human being as outside the womb namely it cannot live by itself and needs supply. The discrimination between inside and outside is a mere artificial one supposedly by unnatural socialst lawmakers.
Antiabortionists (without a “consistant life ethics”) IMHO don’t have a problem with elderly people receiving assisted suicide because they had their chance, supposedly sinned and lived their life whereas a baby is innocent and hadn’t had his chance to follow Jeshua on the straight and narrow path…

To which extend? Hasn’t god set a fixed date for us to pass away and aren’t we cheating on him if we apply pacemakers, blood transfusions, bypasses, forced feeding? And aren’t we cheating on ourselves if we avoid all “natural death causes” hence remaining with the complex ones (complex medical conditions)?
I’d rather die of a heart-attack within a few hours than waiting conciousless in a bed on a machine/ life-supply for years, a burden to my clan, until some faithless scientist determines that my brains stopped working…

Love to hear from you!
It is an interesting topic and I do understand you liberals through her teaching a bit better. I also just signed a legal medical contract stating that I reject almost ANY life-enlarging method including blood transfusion and pacemaker implantation in case of losing my conciousness. It is a hot topic! But we got to stay true to our maker!

1 Tim 2:15
A woman is holified by child bearing.

Woman brought sin into the world (garden), but through a woman the sin will be cast out (be it Mother Mary, the community of followers (portrayed as “the bride of Jeshua”), a simple wife…)

I’m not as pro abortion as you might think. Perhaps pro at all. Unrelated to the view of the fetus, most anti abortionists have no problem with capital punishment.

It’s a good thing you posted that biblical quote of a woman’s place, after Gunda posted her movies.

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biblical quote? Movies? She (Gunda) posts biblical movies lately? Love it!
Speaking of bible related movies, just a few years ago they showed a movie about an island of orthodox monks in greece. I will have a look at it as soon as I re-optain broadband I-net.

Very interesting!!! A whole nation set apart!!!

To which extend do you guys support universal health care?

Danial, her comments were touching but unrealistic.

How do you connect now, Daniel?

3G with data limit