Fence straddler! This article indicates you are wrong.

Amy Comey Barrett referred to their sexual orientation as a preference but no worries. Cory Booker re-educated her on the finer points of the LGBTQ Community and their preferences, after which we learned that global dictionary, Merriam-Webster is a far-left leaning Liberal who can make a meaning offensive at will.

I think several school shootings may have been averted this year by the lock down. Can’t really resent that good foresight in a leader. So many are getting criticized for it without acknowledging that probability.

Back in effect.

overwhelming circularity
the evidence is that thought eludes the okie because the okie can’t control it’s bladder

your guess
guess again
why do people guess?
i guess it’s because
no wait
i really shouldn’t

You also brought that up 17 days ago. Here was my response then.

people guess because numbers are hard
even round numbers
what is 1% of 300 million?
maybe 3 million
no, that can’t be right, that’s a lot
i guess around 250000
yeah, i can wrap my head around that
five times worse than a typical flu season
not fifty
i guess that’s right

i’m looking for a zero
i seem to have dropped one

In March, when I made that prediction, there were about 100 US deaths and the world just shut down air traffic. Things looked like they might be under control. The WHO still said that masks were a waste of time and only changed that recommendation in June. We’ve all learned a lot in the last year.

they just don’t make 'em like that anymore
i mean someone who can say-
my fellow americans
in the coming months, you will see some alarming numbers
bear in mind that any number is alarming when compared to the 297 million of you who survive
we are doing everything humanly possible to mitigate this
virus been around a loooooong time
we are shipping 300 million four-leaf clovers today or tomorrow
when we have a vaccine, we’ll ship that, too
good night and god bless america

The part that pisses people off is that I (and many others) feel we need to put a price on human life.

I also think we need to calculate how many life-years are lost. The average age of a cancer death is about 60 from what I can gather. The average age of a COVID death is 82. These are not equal. The 60 year old has perhaps 30 years left to live. The 82 year old has perhaps 8. A life saved from cancer is worth at least 4 times more than the life saved from COVID.

Beyond this, quality of life declines. The 82 year old is just eating, sleeping and waiting to die. The 60 year old might still have some useful years left. Prolonging a 60 year old’s life to 65 could well be worth something to society. Prolonging the 82 year old’s life to 87 really isn’t worth anything to society (although it’s obviously worth something to the 82 year old).

I think we also need to do a serious calculation of how much life quality is lost by our preventative measures and stage our measures accordingly. Tell someone to wear a mask and leave a bit of space and their life is pretty much unaffected. Tell someone to close their business and go bankrupt and lose their home and their life is significantly more affected. Those people tend to be in their 30s and 40s, too.

I am honestly not sure if it’s better to save an 82 year old’s life rather than to save a 30 year old’s house and job. I’m not sure it’s not better, either. I just think we should have that social conversation. And yes, that pisses many people off.

What prediction? I missed that one. Not that it really matters. You’ve predicted many things that never happened.
(Remembering 2016)

Like you, I call it like I see it and I predict you have already and will, in the future, call every prediction wrong.

I learned that globalist will use every tool at their disposal to effect our election and control our lives, including big corporations, the MSM and Hollywood. What have you learned?

Michele, you’re not in a very good moral position to be mocking me for getting that wrong. When’s Hillary going to be indicted? And James Comey? And Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. And Rosenstein and all the other people you’ve told us were just days away from being thrown in jail?

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The globalist way.

A globalist would ogle over the numbers.

Everyone else would consider the lost soul.

But, you got it wrong. It was my moral obligation to get that point out to you.

Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps after they finish cleaning their phones like, with a cloth.

New Hampshire just announced a mask mandate. About damn time. Maybe the governor had to wait to get reelected. We were going with live free and die. Now. No more freedoms. Jk.

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I wore my mask today with the inserts. It’s double layer to allow the inserts. A lot of people were not wearing one walking around the sidewalks as I went walking for exercise. I think I might remove the inserts. They do give the softer mask more structured and might be preventing it from being sucked into my mouth or might be the cause because it require a lot of air suction power to breathe.

That’s a wise move because covid cases are on the rise in Oklahoma and no one here ever covers their nose and mouth for long.

Cutting way back in my state. There is a fire. Salons closing. Gyms closed. Non essential retail is at 20% maximum capacity.
I think there is still outdoor gym use. Winds are up high, outdoor dining setups are getting blown away. People went to work, and are out of work again.