I am freaking trying, man!

Not good enough jewboy.

Do you support your two children or did you abandon them?

Don’t hide behind your mothers skirts. Answer me!

Look, this is “private”.
Let’s say support and contact is there but not very extended

BS The Chilipepper ran off to Chilipepperland in terror

I think you are a liar and you abandoned your children.

I will make white babies whenever I get the chance…

I don’t know the story and won’t criticize you about support. She sounds like a lunatic and I have nothing bad to say on that front.

I just don’t like you spouting white power bs when you have 2 brown children. Show some dignity and self-respect, man.

I have no respect for nazis. None.

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they are humans like you and me (they might be sick and there might be something wrong with their brains but thats the case with many of our brothers and sisters)