Is it socially accpetable to bash gooks again since SARS2?

Do you think china could be lying? No new cases since march 7th is promising.

I don’t know but what I heard from Italy, which is of course all non-PC, that mainly in regions with much contact to chinese persons or business travellers like the industrial region of Milano, the virus spreaded or spreads. Well, I don’t care anyways because of my ABS (Aryan Body Superiority) which acts like a shield… and I also don’t know any chinese person personally.

according to this site there were no new cases for 2 days reported by the nhc of china (if you dont count the 39 new import cases from today):

The gooks of hazard

How do you like the German Corona virus song btw?

i can see humour in a lot of things, but not in people suffering and racism is never cool

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Come on, 95% survive and grow an immunization as surplus. We aren’t talking about AIDS or cancer here…I would rather infect myself voluntarily to obtain immunization to prevent forced vaxxing.

Don’t tell me you don’t take the chance of racial opportunities to bash and apply racial slurs? South Park did it! With SARS!!

that 5 percent is likely to be someones mother/father/grandfather/grandmother

imagine its your family member

Death is a part of life. Better to accept it. In respect of parents and grandparents I’d just dwell as a loner for some time if I catched it… 5% risk sounds acceptable to me.
Those in hysteria are just people who use condoms, vaccines, security belts and helmets. I always go full risk because of ABS and god’s protection! Those never failed me…

YES it is!!!

I don’t think they’re lying. They opened 16 temporary hospitals for coronavirus and they’ve closed all 16 because they have no cases. All 42 Apple stores in China have reopened. They are over it, failing a resurgence.

Totally agreed.

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I am still not convinced there is any epidemia going at all on apart from a regular flu.
But I’d bet my beautifully formed white ass that the so called “Corona crisis” is likely to be abused by the evil one to

  • enforce vaccines (mark of the beast under your skin?)
  • further the war on cash (without accepting 666 fully, one won’t be able to buy and sell any more)
  • flood the marked with FIAT money to further enslavement of the masses

All on a global(ist) level this time…shit, even Peru has gone bonkers.

Angie ordered groceries yesterday to be delivered today. Today, no groceries and someone has gone shopping with her credit card number. Of course you can’t get anyone on the phone.

Do You think it is because of us forsaking god for too long now? (slow to anger, but fist arisen!)

I think it is because someone is a thief.

Jesus. Thieves come out when people are most vulnerable.

mhmm. Maybe we hide ourselves in our cellars and read some scripture, maybe including prayers. It helped me in the past so that evil remains at distance, you know.

See, another victim of the war on cash!!!
I am a cash-only fanatic!

Thou shalt use raw cash or Monero, so not to feel god’s wrath

If I could catch this thief they would feel my wrath.

The main boss thief is called EZB/ECB in Europe and FED in the US. And 666 is the boss of either of them. Please focus your wrath on them! In the meantime please use cash for your soul’s sake!! Isn’t here an emergency service to shut the card down? If so, please shut the card down and ABSTAIN from now.
And repent.
And use cash.
And Abstain.
And Repent

I have shut down the account. However I do need to make purchases on the internet and they don’t accept cash.