I don’t understand why they are making a bigger deal out of this than other viruses. The flu kills people every year. I feel like they aren’t telling us something. They are acting like it’s Ebola.

Lots of people dead. 12,000 confirmed cases. It’s pretty serious.

I’m amused at how the Chinese are playing the racism card because people don’t want to go near them if they’ve been to China recently. This is not racism. It’s common sense. If the outbreak was in Italy, I wouldn’t want to go near any Italians who had been back home recently.

I know it’s serious. What I don’t get is why they are acting like its Ebola unless it is Ebola. Someone told me earlier today that it wasn’t anything. That they are stirring the people so they can offer a vaccine laced with poison. I thought that was a little out there. Controlled genocide?

Yeah, that’s a little out there. Maybe more than a little.

Yes I know. I was just conveying the stupid thought to the world.

Yes snake lady maybe I should move my posts here.

and yet there are still people that claim americans are good for nothing…

We’re very fussy about staying on topic here. lol.

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Excellent decision. This thread should give your post all the exposure your sweet heart desires. Good luck!

yes silky, do share all your thoughts in this coronavirus post that i created… (bet it wont happen now lol)

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Here are my thoughts. I think the term coronavirus shouldhavebeen applied to something else. Like the corona or ring I havebeen seeing around peoples eyes balzing like they stared at the corona of the sun It looks indicative of somebody being overpowered. Overpowered by credit cards, overpowered by unchecked drug and alcohol use, overpowered by tech and tech bullying, overpowered by too many motor vehicles and driving. Almost like somebody plugged a gold coax data cable into them and has been bursting data through to give them degrees certifications credentials and produce performance.

It looks like the coronas are burning out and leaving little left of the person. Thus the body shut downs, loss of hearing, sight, and susceptibility to almost anything with a lowered or zeroed immune system.

I edited to add driving.

This is a health topic and I expect Reggie to call me fat. Why? Because sometime things get stored in fat that are too toxic to be circulating through the system. They would cause immediate death or at least shutdown of certain normal functions. Overtime with maybe lots of water (and sometimes people hold too much water to dilute some toxic element in their systems and cannot flush the water because the toxic element is present in a certain amount) the water can be flushed out lowering the current amount of toxic element and allowing fat to be used for energy. Right now for instance when I use bodyfat for energy it is a very powerful energy source, but my fat has lots of metals and crystals in it from environental hazards that make me very dizzy and tax my system. Maybe my body does this on purpose so I don’t waste high quality fat unless it is for optimum gain or some typ of emergency bodily demand for extreme output.

Reggie doesn’t have any fat like that. Also notice what he and Dan have been doing back and forth with the chess problems. Dan is of course making Reggie appear smarter and himself possibly even as smart or smarter but also just as hard working for this site. They are both seeking a dependence of each other. Both are impotent and incontinent. I’m sure Dan’s favorite movie is The Matrix and he envied how easy it was to download information directly to a person to fly a helicopter or solve a chess problem but it is just like plugging a coaxial cable directly into a human being who does not have the ability to comprehend or learn.

That type of overpowering or simply getting near a power source but not being anything of that power is causing a nonsustainable condiiton of life. Thus they are basically dead zero in health just like somebody who is maxed on credit cards and cant afford a doctor visit. Any small hit or expense in excess of the balance requires an immediate bailout or demands death or near impossible steep payment.

Before I can really make any guesses or theories, I am going tohave to defend myself against Reggie. Tryig breathing in lots and lots of brake dust and automotive exhaust and submitting yourself to deafeningly loud noise levels for over 8 hours a day. Lots of iron and carbon. Lots of it under intnse pressure due to electrical fields and bombarded with sound. See that’s fat. That is a lot of fat.

Now Reggie’s body won’t produce that kind fat with just a pinch of that stuff and pressure. Instead it produces a body mass that is identical to a fatty stool very volumous like a marshamllow or forthing cup of hot chocolate and nowhere near the density. It can shapped to to look like the most aesthtic muscles you have seen on statues. It can then be pointed at then show how optimal a physique and health condition. It can occupy space and make you appear as if you are actually doing work at a workstation.
It can get credit cards and tech.

Coronavirus is now affecting oil. I said peanut oil in woks might be affecting the coronavirus in another post. I’m using my WW app again, this is the worng oil and too much of it. Not 1 tanker to 1Tbsp.

Fecal-oral transmission finally mentioned not confirmed yet.
Maybe eating from the toilet to act tough, immune, or because you’ve bceome so numb.
Maybe it actually means fecal matter being moved up the intestinal tract to the stomach and back up to the mouth. Some people have had some areas removed and have very short digestive systems. 1 meter vs 10 meters will make you look slimmer.

Prayer candles despite the warm glow light which causes the the face to wax full like the moon and just build up wax on the face can seriously aggravate the condition and breathing and coughing terrible. But then again if your face is falling off and you can’t even maintain a gumline are youusing the lungs as second and third stomachs to kepp all the weight? Eating and watching how you eat is probably the answer and fat.

I have no intention of bringing you fun girls down. I just thought I would share the potential reality of this virus.