He would probably fill your ears with what they’ve done to steal the election and how thankful he is to be living outside the states.

I thought that was an interesting article. The part that really caught my eye was the ex-FARC member who asked our US Congress with help brokering a peace deal with the right-wing Duque government.

You know our government is going to jump on that. Anything we can do to assist the drug trafficking criminal gangs in processing and distributing of hallucinogenic substances in their lawless territory.

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Found a tiny little Colombian store in Vancouver. Isa bought some horrible candies that remind her of her youth and I bought a Colombia flag mask. I love it.


Have you gained weight? Maybe the mask just makes you look fat. :woman_shrugging: Don’t shoot the messenger. Even in your profile, you look heavier. I’m not trying to be insulting. You needed to put some weight on. I like the mask though. I have one too. Trump 45

No insult taken. I have gained 2 kilos. I am now 87 kilos. 191 lb.

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Looks like the minimum income to pay taxes has been lowered in Colombia. Resulting in violent protests and death.

Yes, but the government withdrew that bill a few days ago after the protests didn’t subside for a week. Now the protests continue but they have lost legs since the bill was withdrawn. Duque (the president) is an ass but I wish Colombians would realize that this endless lockdown must be paid for eventually. They seem to think they can just lock down whenever there’s a flareup with no other consequences. Now they’re clueing in that people die for reasons other than coronavirus, including starvation.

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They are also clueing in that almost all deaths are certified coronavirus deaths. Doesn’t that make ya see red.

The Colombia protests have legs. They’ve been going for a month. People are hopeless and don’t care about consequences anymore.

If Biden is going to continue funding the militarization of police with US taxpayer dollars, to fight the fruitless war on Parmesan Cheese, he may have to revise Plan Columbia to incorporate the Fast and Furious.

“A House lawsuit to try to recover the records was settled and the matter dropped in April 2019, after control of the House had shifted to Democrats.”

Protesters go home, load your guns, grab your dope, migrate to the US, the most corrupt country on the planet, where you will receive free food, housing and education. Where lawlessness is handsomely rewarded and you can freely kill Americans, every day, without consequence, so more of the profits from your drug sales can go directly into your pocket, tax free.

The protests are finally over. Gracias a dios.

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