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Interesting. There was a time when kneeling was patriotic. There was also a time when it was illegal to wear the flag. Now it’s patriotic, I guess. Interesting how things change.


I just spent about 15 min reading about the history of the US Pledge of Allegiance (and another 15 writing this). It was written in 1892 by a self declared socialist named by Frances Bellamy who offered public education classes with topics such as “Jesus the socialist”. The pledge made no reference to the US flag or to God. The reference to the US flag was added in 1923 over Bellamy’s objections. The reference to God was made in 1942 (50 years after the pledge was written) and, while Bellamy had died, his children strongly objected to that change.

Very importantly, the custom of placing one’s hand over the heart when reciting the Pledge was not the original practice at all. Totally seriously, the original practice was to extend one’s arm with the palm down (ie. the Nazi salute). Admittedly, this wasn’t a Nazi salute back then, but the practice was changed to the hand-over-heart in 1942 because nobody wanted to look like a Hitler youth. For 50 years, though, Americans did the Pledge of Allegiance with what looked like the Nazi salute. Here is a photo of young children doing it in 1915.

Proof Here

Now, my question is this:

  1. It was ok to change the pledge to include references to the US in 1923, 31 years after the Pledge was written.

  2. It was ok to include God in 1942, 50 years after the Pledge was written.

  3. It was ok to change from the Nazi salute to the hand-over-heart in 1942, 50 years after the Pledge was written.

  4. Why, in 2018, 126 years after the Pledge was written, is it wrong for some people to change from the hand-over-heart to quiet, peaceful, respectful kneeling as is done in church?

Obviously there is no sane or rational reason. This whole thing is bigotry from beginning to end.


This made me curious. Do you have full custody of your poor daughter or visitation rights?


I love change Dan! Let’s change tradition from standing to kneeling. It wouldn’t bother me if we knelt for everything in honor of God.
But Reg, an entire country is not going to change a tradition because one man kicks back on a bench.
I’m not sure how one changes a tradition but I’m all in if it is a respectful change.

I raised her for 3 years while her mom went to college. They are in Wichita now. Don’t worry, Will. I promise not to overdose her on Jesus. I know how disgusting it is to you.


So I take it the photo in your avatar if of your daughter.


Not one person is asking you to change your behaviour. Stand for the Pledge with your hand over your heart all you want. Nobody has ever asked you to stop.

YOU are the one asking others to change, and calling them unpatriotic if they don’t. You and your buffoon-like president.


That is just not true. I’m not asking anyone to change. I’m suggesting we stand together, united for the love of our country.


Do you really think I have a child that age? Now you are mental! That is my granddaughter!


It is interesting. You come off like a real pisces. I would like to know how that affects your political and religious views. Also could you explain to us what is the difference between a pescatarian and a humanitarian? How do you treat people with another sign?


Oh no! That is not the way this works. I’ve answered your question, now you answer mine, unless this question was actually for Dan.

Have you received Christ at some point in your past?

Btw, that was incredibly flattering. :heart_eyes: Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :revolving_hearts:


You clearly called them unpatriotic and said they are rebellious. Your (idiotic) president has called for them to be fired.


That’s right! They are not looking to change the tradition. They are showing blatant disregard for our country by using the Anthem as a platform to not bring attention to an issue but to start a racial war and the Left is behind it all. They mean to divide us.
I don’t pay much attention to the protests but I have seen photos and some of the things they do is truly disturbing and I have a hard time believing someone like you would support things like that and yet it appears you do.


:thinking:I wonder if Colin feels a sense of pride for his accomplishment. I mean, do you think this was the goal? Because the goal was suppose to be to bring attention to discrimination against African-Americans.
Discrimination in a country that affords everyone the same damn right to follow their dreams if they so desire, regardless of skin color. This is the kind of bullshit I’m so sick of. They are stripping us, and people who see this and think it’s ok should be careful about that thought process because what is happening to us is going to happen to the world also. And I have to wonder what they will take from you that you won’t like. Although I don’t think I will have much sympathy for anyone who rejoices over our slow and methodical destruction by the Left.


I’m sure he does feel a sense of pride. I would.

The simplest solution would be to have the players stay in the locker room for the anthem. Just have the NFL make that rule. This was pretty much a non-issue by the time the super bowl came around. It was in the offseason as well, until the NFL and the president brought up the issue yet again around 2 months ago. Nobody was talking about it anymore.

It’s funny how scared of the president the NFL is and the NBA just gives him the finger on a daily basis.


  • ESPN televises 1 game per week. It would be good for the rest of the NFL if the other stations followed them.

Also. The level of play in the NFL has gone down the shitter. The fact that the patriots made the super bowl again with that pathetic defense and the eagles won the super bowl with a backup QB. The NBA is probably at its peak of play. Can’t say that about NFL.


I agree, Dan! But football lost a great deal of its audience because of Kaepernick. Basketball is more exciting to watch these days but what happens when the Left decides to use this sport to push their agenda?



“They are using the Anthem as fake patriotism.”
This is the lie! And patriotism is not about free speech. The 1st Amendment is about free speech. Patriotism is about pride and respect and loyalty to country.


Steve Kerr: “People in high places are trying to divide us, divide loyalties, make this about the flag as if the flag is something other than what it really is. It’s a representation of what we’re about, which is diversity, peaceful protest, the right to free speech. It’s really ironic what they’re trying to do.”

I really like this guy, Kerr.


I agree with what you posted but I don’t trust you so lol I’m thinking he probably views it as ok to use the anthem as a platform.


He clearly does think that, as do I, and the people in high places he’s talking about is your buffoon president.