when i was starting out in the electronic sign industry(read"lots of dots"), we had a 5x5 font.
it didn’t look very good.
the 5x7 was the smallest font that was acceptable.
lower case letters, especially those with descenders, didn’t look good in the 5x7 font.
i got into the habit of keeping caps lock on.
i brought that habit to the MSN zone.
i kept it for about a week.
somebody on the zone pointed out it was culturally considered YELLING.
so i stopped.
i don’t see the point of hitting two keys to form a letter.
shift being one, the actual letter the second.
does the reggie remember the screen name that told me i shouldn’t yell on the MSN zone?
it was rim something.

fuck man i don’t forget anything

I think job was the last name.

I think that was algebra you didn’t get to.


Capitalizing identifies proper nouns and makes it easy to identify the beginnings of sentences.

I have an excellent memory.

If you never solved a matrix that don’t make you no less of a man in my book big dummy.

do they got a vaccine for that?

rimjob hmm wasnt that grizzlycajun?

If they did, I would be happy to administer your dose.


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William Shakespeare took the first vaccine in the UK yesterday lol.

naww he came in 2nd place, the first was a 91 year old grandmother called margaret keenan

It’s insane to take a vaccine that hasn’t been tested. They have no clue what the side effects will be in years to come nor do they care. I don’t care either and that’s not a difficult thing to do in the world we now live in. I will take my chances with COVID.

it makes perfect sense to take a vaccine, when you are 91 and/or scared

I’m not scared but I don’t consider myself stupid either.


Reggie was the name of the ice cream man in Phantasm.
There were short people in that movie.


i would disagree