my sister_in_law belonged to FUTURE-NURSES-OF-America when she was in H+S+
she was a nurse all her life, until she retired at 71
which was three years ago
and i saw her today on her birthday
quick say 74
she thinks (30,000 coroners) have inflated the corona covid coroner numbers
for politics for at least 12 months
and the 17 CDC employees and five fake media reporters in america haven’t caught them
she thinks car accident deaths (50,000 a year)are being reported as virus deaths
a nurse her whole life
worked with these people in hospitals for quick say half a century
she isn’t really my sister-in-law
kinda just family
but everything else is true

I’m so sorry for you and your family. She sounds like a wacko if she thinks 30000 different people got together to agree on inflating death totals and nothing leaked.

There is some legitimate concern that deaths in the US are over-counted. Right now, if you have COVID and die in a car crash, that’s counted as a COVID death. This is probably wrong and should be changed, but that doesn’t mean there’s a crazy conspiracy going on.

Our pathologist died on Christmas eve. He got covid on December 10th. He was home. He called December 22nd to say he was feeling better and would be in shortly. He had a heart attack on december 24th and died. Im not sure what the report will say but it should probably say covid related.


how do you explain the widely reported fact that nobody died in in a car crash this year?
smart guy?
you there?

forgot that

He’s not going to reply because he has already told you, it’s explained by attaching covid to it.

Oh sorry, I didn’t read to the end before I posted.



Under the Biden Administration, the CDC is recommending we prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse.

The CDC deliberately overestimated the number of deaths from COVID in children, to sell a vaccine experiment to the public. So offensive.