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Haha we suck.

These two poor bastards from Canada are pawns in the US-China struggle.

This one is fun. The problem is not that so many of our indigenous people are drunk. The problem is the health care workers who guessed how drunk they were.

Alcohol over 0.30 used to be a critical value. Which means I’d have to call it. Whenever I’d call the er, the nurse would guess the alcohol level. They were clearly having a game. Of course, they did it regardless of ethnicity.

This is such a nothing. It makes me furious. We have a serious alcoholism problem among our native population. I don’t hate them. I think we should try hard to help them, although I have no idea what to do about it. God knows we’ve thrown enough money at the problem for decades and that has only made things worse since they now don’t generally have to work and they have the money to buy all the alcohol they want. Rather than admit that and had an adult conversation about what to do about it, we get mad at the health care workers for playing a totally innocent and harmless game.

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Is it possible they have a particular susceptibility to alcohol or is that “racist” thinking?

Whether alcohol affects them differently is in question. It is totally clear they have a higher susceptibility to alcoholism, however, regardless of the reason. If anyone says that in Canada, they lose their career, even though everyone knows it’s true. Even this asswipe of a health minister knows it as he shakes his head sadly at the horrible racism.

This guy…

…tried to invade Trudeau’s house with a bunch of guns.

Our financials are looking ugly. Our debt to GDP is up to 49% this year due to the pandemic. It’s still better than many countries but it was 31% last year. I do hope next year is better.

Mackerel is probably the most common fish I could catch if I went fishing. I don’t know why these are sold locally imported from Canada. Don’t say I don’t buy Canadian.
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It has to be personal hang-ups.
Just identify the hang-up.

This has legs. Canada is so absurd sometimes.

Interesting new style decision from the CBC:

Why does CBC capitalize “Black”?

CBC News adopted this style in June 2020 to:

  • Acknowledge the distinctiveness of shared Black history and Black culture.
  • Respect frequently voiced preferences of Black people.
  • Reflect increasingly common usage in Canada and the U.S.

Publishing convention has been to use lowercase letters for racial, ethnic and nationality labels not directly rooted in proper nouns (e.g., African, European and Latino, but “black,” “white” and “brown”), but English evolves, and our conventions evolve with it.

CBC News started capitalizing Indigenous, Aboriginal and Native in 2016, for example, to recognize that those words reflect people’s distinct identities and cultures. Writing Black with a capital “B” has strong parallels. Although using “black” satisfies old and debatable typographical rules, it doesn’t mirror the realities of Black history and Black culture. It also fails to clearly and suitably flag personal identities the way that dozens of routinely capitalized terms do (e.g., Arabic, Asian, Caribbean, Caucasian, Celtic, Hispanic, Roma, South Asian).

CBC News does not capitalize “white” because:

  • There’s no compelling evidence of a comparable shared “white history” or “white culture.”
  • The umbrella term “white” refers to people with lighter skin, mainly of European descent, who already enjoy various capitalized terms to express their identities (e.g., Baltic, Irish, Nordic, Slavic).
  • There’s no widespread championing of “White” in everyday English. Instead, the most passionate advocates also often appear to promote white separatism and white supremacy.

We will review our decision if Canadian English usage shifts.

Source: CBC Language Guide

British Columbia just asked the federal government to decriminalize drugs. I doubt it will go anywhere but it shows the direction we seem to be going. I’m not sure I like it. Actually, no, I’m sure I don’t like it but I also have no other solution so I think we might as well try this. It’s stupid for a city as beautiful as Vancouver to be full of drug addicts. Maybe this will help. It might be worth a try.

Stupid. This marriage is as real as any other.