California Shooter FB Post


Wouldn’t this be a scenario inviting tragedy? Like a drunk driving tragedy. A devastating turning point in the main character’s life making him single and available again possibly more attractive due to his devastating loss and in need of help as he confronts his own drinking?


Or perhaps a raging schizophrenic attacking her with a knife while he crams a dildo in his ass?


There has to be a lot of peanut butter for that. By law of creation people like you can only penetrate or be penetrated by others of like by half a peanut shell. You would need a lot of peanut butter to sink that in. I don’t care how long your fingers look by the way or how much you claim to accomodate.


Do you reply to the voices in your head? Do people move away from you on the bus?


You are an older male. Your jeans smell terrible because you wipe small traces of your own feces on them. Your hands stink too. You can’t help but poke your fingers in after using the toilet getting a little of your own waste under the nails and rubbing the hands together getting it deep under the dermal layer and packing it on hard before you wash your hands with water only. Then you smoke drying out the fingers and blending the smell which is still obvious.

You know why you do this. You are big and clumsy and when you get angry you like to slap people hard like some smelly ape or sasquatch. The shock immediately lowers the immune system and the effects such as fever, strep throat, etc follow. Not to mention possibly transmitting hepatitis.


Sometimes you won’t even wash your hands at all, you just smoke them.


You like to be alone don’t you. You avoid being around other people. The voices, voices, voices.


You need to give up your “defenses” intended to lower other’s defenses for sake of hygeine and sanity. It is affecting your thinking.


I notice that you have unusual beliefs that seem strange to most people. Do you like to be alone a lot?


Dear God! Give it a break!


Ahaha! Are you inviting me to listen to your bitching?


If you are talking about the 1981 move Taps, then that statement is a correct observation. You are referencing the 1981 movie Taps.

The shooter apparently looked nothing like that at the time of the shooting. He had a full head of hair that was sometimes parted as well as a moustache and trimmed goatee beard.


Mark, I was not referencing, nor have I ever heard of, the 1981 movie Taps.