I’ll be flying over to London with a cheap flight on January 31th.
Greta’s opinion about this:

Like you’ll be in London. How’s Spain these days? Or Germany. Or wherever you are.

What should I tell you. It’s the living dead everywhere you go these days. Makes you wonder whether jewr the only one survivor in a world full of animals or zombies.

  • I’ll post if I go.

I won’t hold my breath. :slight_smile: I hope you spend your money on better things than visiting bloody London in winter.

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Daniel, what do you think of the really important news out of the UK lately, namely Harry and Megan moving to Canada? Megxit.

It will be an important event in history, even biblical history. Better to attend it.

Now that the drama about whether it’s happening is over, I find myself not giving a shit.

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I don’t know. Maybe they need a time-out for recreative purposes. Smoke some Canadian weed, make some babies…
After this, they should get their act together, put back on Harry’s “start up the panzers” swastika uniform and restore the Brit’Ish kingdom to ensure we have a suitable kingdom ready for Hamashiah to return as king and judge.

You are being ignorant to biblical history. I can hardly blame you in a world of the living dead.

If you can deny climate change and the holocaust, I can deny that Brexit is in the Bible.

just as a side note: This is a biblical term.
Holo = fire
caustos = consumption
The Lord is a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29)
And the bride is to become, too!
A scary yet positive term.

Norbert Link explains it starting @7:30 in the video.

Great tribulation incoming…

You are so ignorant. I don’t deny climate change at all.
I even don’t deny that part of its cause is human sin!
I just don’t believe some CO2 Greta BS, but that its the sun burning hotter as described in the bible (Revelation).

Yes, well, the Bible isn’t exactly kind to Jews. In the Old Testament, God made them eat bread baked in human turds, and in the New Testament, Paul says they killed Jesus and that they please not God and are contrary to all men.

I stand corrected. I thought you were a climate change denier. My mistake.

I illustrated the biblical explanation with devotion here, but you wasn’t paying attention, talking about fat chicks instead …

That’s nasty that you like fat chicks, though. God. I mean, when you do nasty things with them, don’t their rolls of fat hit you and the face and stuff? God. Gross.

See? I was talking about climate change and once again, all you could think of was fat chicks.
PS: the whole point is (besides getting more meat for same price) is that you have to try harder, train harder, a mindset more focussed on the task. Making love to a nicely shaped “everybody’s darling” is trivial.

It’s like with true faith: try harder, train harder and stay focussed…
We Israelites chose “hard-core” mode when entering the game…now we somehow gotta stick with it and manage this unplayable game with the badass graphics called “life on earth”.

Yeah, I think no matter how, um, hard (no pun intended) I tried, it ain’t happening. And how can I stay focused when you screw fat chicks? Nasty. It’s very distracting to think of this gross thing.

I just rely on “alternative facts” a.k.a. The Bible when it comes to climate change (and about everything else).

We all got to TRY HARDER. Take a recreational break like prince Harry, exercise, focus on problem and break through and penetrate

with power unseen,
focussed like a laser beam.