So, are You saying that they would have treated me with more love if I had revealed my racial PADDYgree?


uh oh the netherlands looks very blue… reg reg! we have another deluded dutch brother!:wink:

I don’t pretend to have the best heritage but I am not bloody Dutch! Everyone has a few distant ancestors they’re ashamed of.

lol no they dont; iam not ashamed of any of my ancestors, not even of you;)

Probably not. You don’t blend well. I’m guessing your big frame stands out in the crowd. Embrace it!

cut my life into pieces
R U Reg’s wife’s Dutch son?

That was a joke. I have been received very well there. I even interchanged phone numbers with the bible nuts.
However I find it quite disappointing that on events like these I always and exclusively obtain bloke’s phone numbers…

as much as reg would enjoy it if i called him daddy, i think thats not very likely lol

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Big boys filming little boys making a bin ben bung
bing bong!!

glad to see you didnt share only the left side of that video with the kid making weird movements, that could get you into trouble


that poor kid yanking that bell, he is making weird movements

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He is insulting me because I have one Dutch grandparent and two great grandparents with that same affliction. As if we don’t all have some shameful family ancestry.

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lol wow you are even more dutch than i thought! congratulations my deluded dutch brother;)

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Nothing to be ashamed of. I even go so far as to say one should never be ashamed of ones ancestry. WE’RE DUTCH NATIONAL FRONT amongst Brexiteers and also on bbad LOL. Being bound by blood is something you cannot deny nor should you fight it my two dutch brothers.
Be aware that * only * Swiss-German heritage is superior to ours, as it is highest, none other.

Dear God, not you, too. I am not bloody Dutch! I am three quarters normal and I have a small, nearly undetectable bit of inferior genetics as many people do. I have overcome this handicap and have led a normal life.

Pastor Visser,

the nemesis of Pastor Lindstedt, is Dutch, too.
Always remember: * only * Swiss-German heritage is superior to ours, as it is highest. Apart from this, we’re second to none.

lol dutch all around you and inside you… you are so lucky and should be proud!

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…and because of Your “normal” flying dutchman’s life, you’re goofing off here now. I totally understand You! Always remember: many dutch and northern Germans amongst :two_hearts:Mennonite :two_hearts: separatists…we’re spiritual people created in his likeness, always drawn close to god like mosquitos to the light. We cannot without our creator. We feel him. He is our blood.

Dear God. I quite like the Germans but the Swiss are clowns. I can’t respect a nation that won’t take a stand. And don’t say “our heritage”. I am not one of you. God.

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