Trump threatens to call US military to close southern border as 4,000-strong migrant caravan pushes north

It’s getting serious!

Has Mexico paid for the wall yet? Oh wait, hasn’t Trump just signed a deal with Mexico which means he has no cards to play against them at all? I’m sure he’ll figure something out. He’s fixing everything, you know?

Yes, I know!

MyBigMoon! Or really I would like to hear any American opinion on this subject. Do you think we should let these people in? There are at least 4000 people approaching the border. Q says more like a million. And you know some are criminals.

Immigrants have a lower rate of crime than American citizens.

You didn’t really answer the question.

Immigrants report less crime.

I have huge sympathy for immigrants (especially since I am one) and I have huge hatred of Trump, but I see no legitimacy to these caravans. If they are fleeing persecution, why exactly are they flying the flag of the country persecuting them? And why don’t they seek asylum in the neighbouring countries instead of walking thousands of kilometres to the US? This is a stunt, not a legitimate flight of the desperate.


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I agree!

How long did it take to gain citizenship?

To where?


Hell if I know. I was 4 years old. These days it’s 4 years after gaining permanent residency.

So if your parents had to go through all the legal channels, why don’t you want everyone else to do the same?

What are you on about, Michele? I just said I am against this caravan.

I know! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say something like that. Normally you want them to get through. Criminal or not.

Right now, we have borders and I generally support the idea of enforcing them, as long as that enforcement is humane and reasonable. I support the idea of accepting refugees fleeing persecution, but I don’t support those who misuse that to jump the line. I don’t support Nazi-like practices like separating children from their parents.

In the long run I don’t believe in borders. I believe the fact that we are each human is all the passport we should need to go anywhere on the planet. I realize we are a long way from that, however.

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4000 Day 1, 5000, 7000, 10,000 yesterday, 14,000 Today
By the time it gets here, there could be a million people on this caravan prepping for invasion.

I tried finding a wall topic or argument. Now I have one. Jaguars. Also cougars and other similar wildlife. Barriers separate populations of wildlife.

So, Lithuania is creating a new border wall/fence to keep Muslims out. It’s made of barbed wire which is quite inhumane. Nobody cares. Nobody freaks out. There’s definitely a double standard in play here.