Let’s talk Trump. We haven’t done enough of that, yet.
let’s talk rich old white man
we haven’t done enough of that yet

Nobody wants to talk Biden. Politics is all about personality and Biden doesn’t have one. Biden’s election was a vote against Trump. In a few months, people around the world won’t be able to name the US president, any more than people in the US can name the president of China (but you can all name the president of Russia, because he has a strong personality like Trump).

we are stronger together moving forward united because of who we are as one

Your back should function for something more than just an excuse.

Tearing a muscle down with hard work and then allowing it to rest and repair with lots of sleep and proper nutrition is key to building back better.

you are an asshole

reinforcement enough?

BF Skinner, now?

Hey you know what’s cool about Joe? It’s that if you don’t like his attitude about something and he knows it, he can tell you to go talk to Kamala.



Reggie didn’t have anything good to say about Joe or Kamala. Not even Jill.

Untrue. They’re not Trump. That’s good.

Just finished watching The Harris and Biden acceptance speeches. Joe addressed the nation’s divide and Trump voters. Healing was the priority and not seeing the opposite side as an enemy.

I am sorry to tell You, Mark, that according to the current POM, suspicious suspect “Reggie” came out as a sexual pervert - or trans-curious - or at least an enabler.

Congratulations, Biden! The AP has announced our new president, he gave his acceptance speech thanked all 200 million thousand of you.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

In a subsequent tweet, she intimated that she was seeking to hold Trump supporters “responsible for their behavior over last four years.”

We just launched the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did,”

“Remember what they did,” the group declares.

lol well some might say that in order to heal you must deal with the disease and get rid of it…

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Congratulations, Biden voters,
lock-down, economic decline and also slave-maks incoming for y’all, as seen on Biden POM

Better to awake late than to awake never - and to support Trump with his struggle in court.
We from the christian-right are people who forgive - 7 times a day if neccessary - but you’ll have to get a grip and apologize.

Biden’s win is not a disease you just “get rid of.”

I couldn’t agree more. Hubby has been laid off indefinitely. We are discussing our Plan B. Movement is slow but not nonexistent in the oilfield. Maybe the new year will bring change to the oil market or at least stabilize it. Until then, we have decided to enjoy the rest of the year together and make the best of it. As slow as recovery may be, time will work it out.

I don’t know. It may be better to just bury our head in the sand and pretend this is just not happening.

I’ve been here a long time and I’ve never heard anyone apologize for anything. Not even once. There may have been a vailed attempt somewhere in time but never has there ever been an outright apology from anyone for anything but that doesn’t matter at all. The Left have made it clear in their Trump Accountability Project that they will remember what we did. Imho, we’re f’kd! Don’t ask me to be nice about it and don’t treat me as if I’m some traitor to my president.

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I wouldn’t do that even if I had the right to do so - which I haven’t as a foreigner. Hopefully there will be a christian nation - en eternal kingdom installed in my lifetime where we won’t be in such a situation anymore.

I am sorry to hear that. With god’s help you will find a way out. Turbulances and shaking in my life felt overpowering at first but it also always woke me up and let me feel alive more than ever. I wish and pray for you and your man that god will show you a path to growth.
No surrender, sister!