I think the whole idea was to compare North America to Europe. Bogotá is an amazing place to ride. It’s 3km straight up in the Andes. The drivers are insane though, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Bike rentals are booming there. This was outside my hotel in Bogotá last week.

Isa and I just got home from our morning bike ride. I was starting to get fat and want to lose it. 10k every day now until I get to 79kg. Photos from 15 min ago. Note the ham radios on our bikes. lol.

That seems like a lot of leg work for a little bike ride on a lazy day. Even so, Jason could have chosen any number of comparable European countries to test his ridiculous theory on.

Nice looking bikes, Reg. I’m not sure what you need a ham radio for but I did notice you still have those useless mirrors attached. I think you should keep them. What’s behind you may be more dangerous than what’s in front of you.

Well, that’s evolving. I’m going to dump the two top mirrors. The round handlebar mirror on the left actually works really well and I have ordered another for the right side. It should arrive tomorrow.

I have also just ordered two Apollo Air Pro electric scooters because I am slightly crazy.

lol you should have bought non-electric ones, that would keep you fit!

Non-electric scooters…aren’t those skateboards?

Anyway, they arrive in a week or two. Should be fun. I hope I get them before it gets too cold.

PS: I will still cycle 10k per day. The scooters are for downtown Van near the office.

lol i guess you can call them skateboards with a stick

you just have to use your feet to go forward, you will find out when your battery goes out :wink:

That is not going to happen. You know he makes his wife carry a spare battery in her back pocket but only because he has to carry the printer in his. Bicycling for multitaskers. :roll_eyes:

lol dont give him such ideas

As good an idea as that is, these scooters don’t have removable batteries.

Just got back from my 10k morning bike ride. It’s becoming too easy. I might bump it to 15k next week. Or not. I’m pretty lazy.

Don’t give me such ideas.

Yeah, I already envision you replacing your bike with a motorcycle.

Been there, done that, as the saying goes. I have owned motorcycles. They never gave me as much joy as my modest little bicycle gives me. I could see adding an electric bike someday. Not instead of my pedal-powered bike but in addition to it, just because I would probably ride more. This Rad Rover appeals to me, for instance.

As does this Aventon Level 2.

I could see you putting your engineering skills to the test and brainstorming a way to mount a motor on it.

lol thats a handy guy… very nice, reminds me of those old solex mopeds, ah there are still some people riding around on those things all dressed up too lol:


My engineering skills would amount to buying a conversion kit. They are readily available. But no, I like having a pedal-powered bike. I just might add an electric for those occasions where I want to go further than I can comfortably ride, or where I don’t want to arrive sweaty.

For example, tomorrow morning (in about 7 hours), I’m going to go to breakfast with one of my radio clubs and I’m not going to ride my pedal bike there because it’s about 10k straight uphill. Going home would be easy but getting there would be torture and even if I made it (which itself is not certain), I would be totally sweaty when I got there. If I had an electric, there would be no question about taking the car. We would ride our bikes and arrive relaxed.

Note: this is just the general area. It doesn’t show the 10k uphill ride.

Hope you enjoy your heavy breakfast, Lazy.

Do you park your bike in the home? I would never own one of those. You can’t put them out if they catch fire.

No, we have a bike room in the condo building. We will be storing the new scooters inside, though.

It’s mostly when overcharging, but it definitely does happen.

Well, I did it. I have two handlebar mirrors sticking out the sides and the top mirrors are gone. Isa says it looks better. I’m less sure. I rather liked the busy handlebars look before. lol. I should’ve taken a photo but didn’t. I’ll try to remember to tomorrow.

PS: Still stuck at 10k for the morning ride. Every time I reach the end, I think “I could easily ride 5 or 10 km more” and then I think “but I am too lazy” and go home.