BBC Feed Down


The BBC news feed is down. These usually come back within a day. If it stays down, I’ll find out where the new feed is and fix it. If the BBC has stopped doing RSS news feeds entirely, I’ll have to replace it.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth:I hope it hasn’t been censored :slight_smile:


You sound like a caring farmer with a big beautiful cow.


They’re back.


You’re not a mind reader, Mark. I love on 40 acres with about 30 head of cattle. I can drive a tractor. And if it won’t start, I throw square bales. And if you give me a sledge hammer and a pair of gloves, I can do all those things men do. And if a cow breaks lose, I can build a makeshift fence.


I made no reference to polygamy.


Different kinds of beef in different parts of the world. Cattle even make different sounds. Moo vs. Mow etc.


Do you wear a mask?



Why do you ask? Are you selling masks?