Bad Food

Pickled okra looks slimy.

Pickled eggs make the grossest farts ever. Try about 3 in the evening the pull the covers over your hubbys head and rip one.

They aren’t. I hate okra slime.

lol gross. What’s so special about pickled eggs? Does vinegar actually make them taste better?

Yes, they can be addictive especially with beer. I should get some and surprise Angie.

I can see how you might have a desire to wash it down with something strong.

I’m not against pickled eggs. I would try it.

Really they are pretty tasty. Used to see them in bars.

Good. Progress.

I can’t imagine eating pickled eggs in a bar. That would be rough coming back up.

Not the eggs but the vinegar.

Windows down for sure.

Lol right.

Now I’m getting warned that I should let other people join the conversation. I’m not stopping them. Reg, take care of that annoying notice please.


I offended Reg with my disgust for sushi.

Well, I wouldn’t eat uni. Or giant clam.

I can’t really help it tho. I see raw fish in those rolls.

Clams are tough and not my first seafood choice but not just awful.