Bad Food

Did you eat balut?

I like green tea. Did not like matcha. Sauerkraut. Perhaps the only thing we agree on.

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In fairness, Uni really is disgusting. It’s usually eaten live and squirming.

Ha! No. They sold them in the Phlippines.

She looks like she realized she made a mistake mid-bite. I feel sorry for her.

Sea urchin? Sea creatures should be respected with a healthy amount of watery space between us and them.

Try a California roll. It doesn’t have fish in it.

It’s sushi with avocado. I could possibly do that, minus the sushi.

It is sushi but there is no fish in it. What do you think sushi is?

Raw fish.

It doesn’t have to have fish. I felt the same way before I tried it. What about steak tartare? You like that?

Steak tartar? I don’t know what it is.

Raw beef sliced thin.

I don’t like raw beef. I don’t like prime rib.

I do like my steak cooked medium rare if that counts.

That helps. How about raw oysters?

It’s funny because my dad used to boil oysters in milk and I can remember eating from his bowl but as an adult, I don’t guess I have ever consumed oysters even once.

Pickled eggs?

Boiled eggs? Yes. Pickled eggs are in the same category with pickled okra.

I like pickled okra. Garlic dill pickles?

The only thing I like pickled are pickles.