An idea to do something useful

If anyone here is looking for an opportunity to do something useful, what about supporting this nonprofit organization, which helps saving and castrating romanian streetdogs. I am a member of this organisation. No Cent will be used other than for helping those dogs. We even founded our own animal shelter in Faget, Romania. Become a member or donate food or money. Or help in Faget to help building the shelter. Check our website:

Here are some fotos from the recent visit from some members in Faget (all travel expenses are paid by the drivers themselves). You see, 100% of the donated money get’s to the dogs incl. castration projects. Even the often very poor romanian helpers don’t do it for money. But each Christmas season most of our members donate a Christmas package with durable food, sometimes needed warm shoes or toys for their kids.

If you have questions, I am glad to help. You also can contact the organization by phone and Email.

do you test the dogs to make sure they share european ideals?
or is that just immigrants?
hitler loved him some dogs, too

i think i will sell pig broth
america needs that

I made the experience, that some animals seem to actively seek contact with humans in order to get help. Early this year some people ringed at my house, because a cat no one has seen before, was approaching people for quite some hours and meowed. So I took her and via her chip I found her owners. They told me of her old age and that she probably developed dementia and didn’t find home anymore, as this never happened before. Or yesterday, a dove with a deep wound from a prey attack, waited in front of a door. Probably she got feeded by people and therefor she thought, humans my also can offer more than just food.

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lieber du gott in himmel
spatzle und hamburger ein zwei
mach schnell