Yes you pretty much did in your first sentence there. Hard to take it any other way.

We are angry, not because Comey ultimately did Trump a favor but because branches of our government are wielding their power and authority to influence an election. And really I don’t know why the entire nation is not fuming over it. We are suppose to be leading by example.
I hope you are not still reading it the same way.

Edit to add: If Republicans has done this, I would have changed my political affiliation again.

Thank you, Wil! It is always important to me to have your blessing in my life.
When you stop contaminating the world with your man made chemicals, I will DEMAND Hubby stop “fracking.” :roll_eyes:

Do you think Trump is trying to take over the world?

Do you think Trump is trying to take over the world? I mean, I ask because you want me to read about Hitler and Germany.

I am!

The Vatican
Elite Royal Jews

These interest me

I don’t believe this for a second. No offense intended. It just seems clear to me that no matter what Trump does, no matter how immoral, indefensible and disgusting, you will support him. When he is impeached and criminally charged, you will support him. When the evidence of his crimes floods the airwaves and is overwhelming and indisputable, you will dispute it and support him. This is your right, of course, but I don’t believe for a second that you are anything other than a fanatical jihadi for Trump. You will only give up your jihad for Trump when whatever right wing media you currently consume tells you to, which should happen some time after his impeachment.

That’s rich coming from a man who aligns himself with corruption to condemn corruption.

Hahahahaha! He doesn’t know who he’s talking to. Death awaits.

Some troll posts trollery. Who cares?

He’s a nobody. I don’t care how many followers he has.

I don’t either. Odd that you chose to share him.

Yeah, well I shared before I knew he was a troll.

Have you ever found yourself entertained by truths of another? This is such a time. Be entertained.