A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


I don’t consider my wallet/bag purchases to be a waste, even though I have a box full of the old rejects back in Vancouver. Sometimes they come in useful, but more importantly, I couldn’t possibly know what I now know about what bags/wallets I like without having tried all those other types. Learning experiences cost time and money.


What is your favorite wallet?


In Canada I don’t really use cash so I carry a few cards in a change purse like this.


In Colombia you need cash everywhere so I carry a small wallet with a money clip like this.


I was tempted to put up some old leather wallets too, but that should be in a favorite wallets or leather care forum. This is mainly restricted to facial products and other skin care, I know that salt was a bit harsh but please let’s get back on track. Be careful with alchemy and magic.


That’s just the new forum we need. “Leather”. I’m sure you and Daniel and (cough) some others could contribute.


I never cared about staying on topic in the old forum. In this new forum, it’s totally pointless. All topics just show up in a list. Make a new post for leather and post what you want.


I was just stirring the pot.


O.K. back on topic. That is a diamond infused exfoliant in the pictures, a facial scrub with several ingredients I might list and review later. But yes, about the comment I got I do have a bit of rosacea on my face. It made me kind of give an automated and unfeeling response, like red is my color. And my face can get really, really red especially on the cheek bones not to mention hot! After a day at work or if I have not slept well I can look like the Red Hulk or oven Pele, not the soccer player but the Hawaiian volcano/fire goddess in some painted images. Sometimes my face just looks like a big red blob as if trying to break out of a unwanted mold or force fit. So I was interested.
By the way notice the root in some words like pellagra the systemic disease resulting from niacin (B3) deficiency, and it is characterized by diarrhoea, dermatitis, dementia. Not to mention eventual death and in that order. Also the root of the spanish word pelear meaning to fight or simply pelea translated fight. Skin peels or harmful addictive habits in regards to skin of any kind and wins, loses and draws all attributed to Pele. Yes I appear to be stuck on red.


I will progress with some ingredient breakdowns(how I think they should work, work together, or are working if optimal), a story, more ingredient breakdowns, and what I notice in results.

The ingredients displayed on the box.

This is a gel and it works good as a gel because the gel itself is good quality and stable. The first 3 ingredients primarily have those functions. The Aqua which is simply DI water or you may know as DM water is not infused with anything. It actually has almost all it water mineral content removed. You might reason mineral water would be healthier. However you may have used DI water in chemistry because all its common cations and anions are removed preventing interference with any reactions. The water is more “hollow” and it’s behavior predictable. Thus less/ no possible unforeseen reactions with other ingredients possibly weakining the gel. If you look up carbomer 940 is what makes the gel basically. You can look up carbomers and have a find a long list of them. Listed as a viscosity enhancer and gelling agent and suspension agent. Meaning it holds things in supsension and gives a very smooth glide. The third ingredient realy shows the synergy of this product. If you can read cetermonium chloride and look it up it is described with the words antispetic and surfactant. Antiseptic keeps bacteria from forming and immediately cleaneses the bacteria it is introduced too as well as preventing infection to areas that are exfoliated. A surfactant is something that lowers surface tension between liquids or between a liquid gas etc. also described as a wetting agent. Thus it allows the aqua and gelling agent to be spread easier get deeper with its ingredients.


I’ll try to push with one more ingedient to set up a story and then the story I had saving. The ascorbic acid or simply vitamin C. No doubt everyone has heard of the essential vitamin C for health and immunity etc. Maybe you justify your imbibing of gallons of orange juice per week on it. It doesn’t seem that much of a preventer of outbreak unless you were a pirate from several centuries ago on a ship. Has anyone really had a a case of scurvy in this century you personally know of? But yes shiver me timbers scurvy! A disease caused by vitamin C deficiency with many symptoms. In regards to skin it may be bleeding. The C is necessary to stabilize the collagen in the body. The collagen in the skin. Collagen is in may parts of the body. There are 5 types of it. But the type that is in the skin is about 90% of all collagen total. Remember your skin holds you in. Have you ever seen a person tor looked at yourself one day in the mirror with a soft putty face looking like a boiled orange peel with large pours barely containing the puffy cheeks? It was like they tried to repair the surface of the skin by over consuming bottles or cartons of orange juice and letting it soak through clay and sawdust to form a skin. Not very effective or attractive. Applyng it topically after exposure and not using it it as justification for drinking addcitively tropically might be the better way. I don’t see collagen listed here but maybe it is in some other ingredient, but the body produces it’s own collagen which may be suffcient in amount without adding another source yet it is lacking the necessary ascorbic acid to stabilize and is breaking down and stretching out from the saturation and lack of circulation. Most collagen is from an animal source, not human collagen. Maybe what will only work for you is coded specifically to what you are producing. So you may not need a collagen supplement but just some things to boost your prodcution or stabilize what you produce or improve or enhance it.


So after all those beautiful words, he said, “If you have it in your body already, your body won’t reject it.” lol. I love you, Precious child of God!

Collagen is already in your body and that’s why these products are so good. Because they are all made with collagen. I use Mica beauty products.

Let’s face it!

Other products have perfumes and man made chemicals in them which your body does not have and even your face will reject it.

This is a truth that Israelis understand but Americans never did but should have because it is clear that this is truly the way the Israelites lived until they were exiled. When they were exiled, God turned them over to the lust of their heart and they were given the food of other gods and we all did eat.


Yes entity. Other products have perfumes. Next compound listed is phenoxyethanol. It is an aromatic alcohol, but that means nothing descriptive of pleasant smell but the structure of the molecule and how it is bonded to an aromatic group. This “can” be prduced by the candida yeast and can be found in beer. Any relation to a pleasant and fragrant aroma with more akin to the indirect bonding to the aromatic hydrocarbon such as a benzyl alcohol as opposed to the former where it is directly bonded. Better ingredients and a better aroma and taste I suppose through better aromatic chemsitry etc. stc. za za za.

But the phenoxyethanol is a germicide and I don’t want that to sound like any genocide. It is used in perfume but for no quality of fragrance of its own, but as a fixative. From wikipedia:
A fixative is used to equalize the vapor pressures, and thus the volatilities, of the raw materials in a perfume oil, as well as to increase the tenacity. Maybe a fixative means something else for you, super glue for a broken lamp or you might even have dentures.
More on the usefulness from wikipedia
Phenoxyethanol is used as a perfume fixative; an insect repellent; an antiseptic; a solvent for cellulose acetate, dyes, inks, and resins; a preservative for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and lubricants; an anesthetic in fish aquaculture; and in organic synthesis.

This is good if you have to go out for a walk in mosquito season or through flea infested grass or got some free furniture with a bedbug infestation.

Thank you though entity, you had o chem too I assume?


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