A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


More salt. Maybe it might be too much as on the rim of anything, glans or otherwise but it is often the corona on the best things in life and one should not get hysterectomically rushed to move forward to replenish the loss with a lotion or moisturizer filler.

I noted before the improvement in smell. Many people claim they can tolerate harsh or unpleasant smells or actually experience pleasure from fragrant and pleasant ones. Just because the former or latter may be in abundance, does not mean the individual is partaking to any degree. When I say I have a very high degree, quality, and developed smell it means twofold when i say I smell good. I have very good sense of smell as likewise a very high quality scent naturally. Thus said it means me a magent to people for processing scents of any kind they cannot experience even in the superfical, the equivalent of scratching a diamond or putting a print on butter encased in one. There is a butter in one those bags but I don’t want it rancid and spoiled by sharing it just now.

More benefits. Improvements in dexterity and grip strength as well as balance. How so? First let me share about my severe hand and foot cramping pain. Hands and feet are a good indicator to me when something is not paired or in tune with me. What I experience is like steel cables pulling under the skin like the shifting cables on a bicycle. The effect seems to pull me out some phased in matter or right me from backsliding due to overload or complacency or both. The toe and fingers often flick and reract at different joints mechanically and lock painfully and the foot or hand will feel like it is going to burst or rip along some unseen seam. I used to have use a baseball or softball for over an hour to just walk or grip and release with regularity on some days. Not just the connective tissue either, the muscle seems to creep in and want to attach and reattach in peculiar ways. Some days my hands and feet seem about 70% smaller than other times. This cannot only go for volume but weight as well and definitely much greater in terms of strength. A lot of times the cramping was due to hard callous built up on the heel or other area. This would actually pull on the flesh and tendons beneath and cause thinks to pulled near out of joint or pronounce the arch of the footbone greater that it would feel like the foot of a old cast iron stove or broken in the middle. Filing the callous would often provide relief but sometimes the coldness and stiffness went much deeper.

Maybe it is the calcium, sodium, and potassium relation of contraction or maybe the oils penetrating or the softening of the hard dermal layer or removal of excess metal toxins. But this stops and prevents muscle severe cramping in the feet and hands, which is not just a severe and excruciatingly painful experience for me but a downgrade in performance preventing any vigourous or strenuous activity without some lockup or unreliability. I don’t have a spectrometer or any test tubes set up to test what kind of salts are exactly there nor do I know which may form. But it tends to relax the hand and foot to cramping.

And they are also softer! Not softer like wet bread which would be useless, but softer as in more elastic as it won’t rip and retaan better the internal working for function. The hands and a bit the feet seems so much more balanced, not like there is a wingnut twisting the thick skin on one knuckle or side bone everything else is rigged like some mini cabling or spindles. More free and individual movement of the fingers without resistance due to tight skin hard packed in clay or dirt or debris. This means greater dexterityand you might try it before doing something that requires it be it a muscial instrument or gripping a bat or ball or simply some metal for restance training. The hand feels more agreeable and cooperative and responsive to mental command. When my grip strength seemed excessively weak, (i.e. i have metal hand grips i don’t use often: 50, 100, and 150 pounds of resitance i have all closed repeatedly with control that I cannot all do so on any given day.) it would bring it up a level. Some tightness is good, and there is a certain tightness and firmness that provide a strong sense of confidence and security. But the supplness and elasticity are desirable.

There is also the confidence that comes with it. Being selfconscious about a bodypart prevents me me from doing certain things like touching somebody with it or shaking hands. The fact that it looks more like mine as well as performs as if it is moreso lets me feel the quality and function of mechanisms I am the inside that allows to express that more on the outside.

As I said before it can leave the skin looking a bit overscrubbed if just used alone. Meaning it is an overall good product to me that takes some work with a potential for a “synergistic” boost when used with others i.e. a lotion and scurbbing away the impurities that the lotion will collect and trap in.

With that said my epidermis is showing and it is time for my salt.


Brother, do you have it all wrong. You are making this about appearances? You are just as you have said!

I don’t care about your precious image. I care about your precious soul. You have been hate filled toward me since the beginning. But I can’t make peace with you if I don’t know you. I recognize you have made an honest effort recently and I’m thankful for it. But you clam up every time I ask a question and I want to know what you are hiding.


Maybe your face just doesn’t represent me well. Work does not want me to share anything of it on social media, I could lose my job, so stop asking. You don’t need to know and I don’t want people thinking I have racist attitudes such as your own.

Do you understand?

What you are doing is trying to publicly slander me. We are not that good friends and it is not appreciated. Now stop it. Don’t point people to my workplace or home it is unfair and unnecessary.


I am getting tired of this harrassment. I have my other more desired relations to put time and energy into. I have enough problems.

I am warning you to stop it.


How could I possibly point anyone anywhere since I literally know nothing about you?

Don’t warn me ever again. I am not your puppet.

Shall I fear man who can only kill the body or God who has the power to take both body and soul?


Well what is your purpose of needing to know?
You can just ignore me here. Or you can leave. Maybe another more attractive female with different views would join the topic. With you here that doesn’t seem much of a possibility.

Have you ever considered what I desire?


No because what you desire is of the flesh.

I just want to know who you are. I do not know you. Who are you?? Does your job … some things you say makes me…need to know.


Clam up. Yes that is my strategy here. Keep trying to share with others who might appreciate it, but no longer respond to you or inquiries. You can shell out and continue shelling out until your words pile high. Clam up if you want. That may be your conviction until death. I hope you like the smell. Beauty and sleekness are not just pain. So no harm intended, but I will no longer acknowledge you for reasons unspeakable.


There ya go! Being your usual childish self. I don’t care if you ignore me till Rapture. Btw, what I smell is victory in Jesus. Amen!


X[quote=“ALCHEMY, post:49, topic:78”]
Keep trying to share with others who might appreciate it, but no longer respond to you or inquiries.
I can not be where I am not needed.


Just to rub in more salt, I scrub to the base of the palm/wrist and up to the protrusion of the ankle bones and achilles tendons especially sliding two fingers alongside and over. Gotta snap a photo, two or more for the next upcoming jar. Good story coming too, maybe you can relate.


Btw, one downside is the jar leaks the oil. Maybe because some got under the liner of the lid or I was simply too over cautious about torquing it down and cracking the plastic. Maybe I could make my own seal or gasket with a glue gun or shoe goo. The oil keeps the salt crystals from breaking down or contanimation or reaction with elements water and air.


Done with hands for now. I hope it was made clear how a simple new feel to ones extremities could unlock something recessed or deeper or just add another facet to complexity and character. Now transitioning to the face, the same thing is possible. Just a quick preview and I want to show the boxing and packaging because they help one to mind map and brainstorm. This looked oddly familiar to some spage age science goo I saw in the movie Ant-Man as wll as another product. If you know what it is I would suggest you hold back, as retarding spoilage in this thread is taking into consideration in my writings. Also my alchemy. So even if you have the same product or an understanding of chemistry, i would advise against simply giving formulas or structures of some compounds or pressing for ingredients to show off what you know. It may not quite be to the depth to unlock the real magic or even simple real matter. Diamonds can turn you away like that, painfully hard deflected.


btw, this did not come with a pack of hot dog buns. this product may be useless to you.



PS: How much did this stuff cost?


I got it about 1/5 or 1/6 the 300 or so original price. Odd deal as I bought from different people but same stores. Actually a male sold me this and just brought up his preference in conversation. The other sales persons I gave into where all young females, I noted oddly the similarities from another persona non grata. Several male employees work in the store that have a very in depth knowledge.

What broke me down was the redness of my face and the comment that it was a bit of rosacea.
I want to share a story I shared.


50 dollars is much better than I thought. I thought you had spent thousands.


Thousands at minimum can mean 2, and yes cumalitvely. There is no mistake this is in a tech forum.


You know, as I think about it, I’ve spent thousands on wallets and bags over the years trying to find the perfect one. Who cares if you waste money on skin lotion stuff? It’s your money to waste.


The mentality I am trying to avoid. It doesn’t have to be a waste.