A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


Yes let’s try to push forward one more chemical C20H40O3 and it is an ester for you but not like the one in the bible. I can’t find any other use for this rather than making the product more attractive as an opacifying emulsifier. Basically it makes it white, more white and firm and fun.


I got a considerable discount.


Are you selling Lionesse?


Yes I know all about those discounts.


Last time no, I am not selling anything. I just started a facial skin care thread and am reviewing some products I bought.


Well that’s awesome! You picked an excellent product to review.


There is an underlying issue I won’t hint at right now.


I love hints. Gimme 1!


The 23148 on chemspider seems to do just the same emulse and opacify. The long named substance witht he slash and numbers is a crosslinked polymer that functions as a thickener with little residue. It is in good proportion in my opinion because the cleanser doesn’t get watery but remains very moist and thin without clotting. The triethinolamine is another buffering agent keeping th ph but is also listed as a masking and fragrance ingredient as well as surfactant. This might have something to do with the next ingredient the pearl powder. Yes there is real pearl inside and you can really tell. There is an ocean freshness about it and it is not gritty but very fine yet detectable. I believe it is the pearl powder that makes the buggest difference and effect. There are several articles about the disodium edta mostly cautionary ones but no ill effects here for me and it most likely helps in the aborption of the pearls. To be honest this feels a little like an “active culture” like maybe something you have heard of for guty health like a probiotic. But one of the ingredients actually prevents gene expression. This next one might seem to cancel everything out: methylsothiazolinone a biocide and cytotoxin, might not just kill any bacteria or cells in the foam but in skin cells of the face, but it seems well balanced and necessary. The final listed is not only used in paints and coatings as well as cometics as an antifungal. The molecule is long in structure. I did not some of the molecular structures and even though some list as the same function they can come in at different angles the the surface contacted, so I can see the benefit of using more than one compound that does roughly the same job and am not puzzled.

With that said, This has a unique feshenss and cleansing that is not harsh but very much more thorough than harsh ingredients. It has enough moisturizer to use without a moisturizer on some days but of coure the balance can shift depending on personal chemstry and weather. Surpressed gene expression, biocides, antifungals yet so seemingly alive with freshness like the sea. I think it is the perfect primer for the moisturizer that I purchaed with it. These two are like a one two punch for a facial comeup.


As the cleanser not just cleansed but seemed to leave skin genetically primed this next little cup of wonder is decpetively very, very powerful stuff.


By prime condiiton I mean lighter cleaner looking, feeling and smelling skin. An ocean produce like freshness. Also just using the cleanser alone makes it look like you got a full night sleep and are not suffering a hang over. The next product , the white pearl moisturizer is much more heavy duty.

BTW, Reg I sent you a message about changing the name of this thread. I can’t do it and do not know why. Perhaps the time frame to do it has expired or I had a different user name. I want to rename it skin care and facial products tips and reviews.


I just scraped some of the sub dermal kind out of my face with a spoon from both temple areas. Lots of rubbing with 91-99% isopropyl alcohol, bloody scraping with a spoon and then a syptic pencil for shaving. You would not believe the clarity and stillness of thought afterwards. I don’t feel as helpless now towards skin conditions, but that needs more hope from despair as well. It is towards a better countenance.


Just to show you how different you can make your face look with the cream alone. I like to take pictures in the mirror because they show my skin color more accurately. But trust me I am looking at my worst shaving with a cheap razor against the grain and with discolored spots and bumps especially by the temples with of course the rosacea. I have not been caring much for my complexion and the hue of lifelessness has been cast on me for weeks. I can change my face very easily and quickly. I can also get it stuck unwantedly unattractive or have it revert to stupid ugly despite great effort after it being imprinted on.


I depleted my diamond exfoliation jar with one last treatment. I tried getting some lics of before and after with better angle and light and hopefully better settings. Here is what it looks like with nothing,applied,scrubbed, then washed. And don’t tell anyone my real age and I’m Spider-Man.

Sorry pics are out of order.


Perhaps if you apply blackout pressure against Hitler he will sort your pics for you.


Something else I just wanted to just show for now and review later. Itnis an eye serum spec blue diamond. You can see it is just a very clear gel like liquid glass.


Your camera is awful! Apply heat and try again!


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Thank you, Mark! Now we know how a sick fuck produces heat and noxious fumes.


It is embedded in that rectangular crystal solid.