A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


On the contrary I find it sad and unnecessary, particularly with the medication available these days. I just find you to be an interesting study.


I don’t need man made chemicals, Will. That’s what’s wrong with this country now. Everyone is on drugs for something. It wouldn’t even surprise me if you weren’t taking some form of medication yourself.


I do take medication. Fair point. I take medication for blood pressure, COPD, PTSD and breathing. I find it very helpful. Some conditions are not worth the pain. I also take medical marijuana.


My sister-in-law has COPD. It’s why I want to travel with her. When she takes a drop of FICO? under her tongue she can go 15 minutes before her oxygen level drops.
I get you have to have bpmeds but if you are taking Xanax and Loritab…it’s your life. I’m no one to tell you how to love.


Why do you suffer from PTSD?


Please return to topic. Or get more topical. Health through dermal products and treatment. Not trying to corner somebody and having them disgracefully slip their skin. Just let me review and you can comment share or ask but do not spoil.
Really do not spoil…


Isn’t FICO something to do with your credit rating?


That’s a FICA credit score. I was talking about FECO oil. You soak it in Everclear overnight, strain the pot off and let the alcohol evaporate. What you are left with is FECO oil. Similar to CBD oil but better. At least that’s what LaDonna tells me.


I have cbd oil but haven’t been using it. I should give it a try. Last night was bad.


I looked up FECO oil. It has a higher thc content than cbd. I have some of that too.


Could you please locate the marijuana posts to the marijuana topic. I have made it a point to be drug free for over a decade. I cannot tolerate this weakness. I received harsh judgements in regard to this. This is female impotence once again. I do not care if she makes pancakes with it. She can take here pancake mix and dribble it somewhere else. No to marijuana and no to female impotence…do you understand?


No, actually I don’t understand. Explain it to me again!


It is intolerable because it goes hand in hand with your female incontinence. Your diapers are the ones with the french cut correct? You can’t make it 12 steps in any direction. Don’t confuse your problems with others.


lol really? Are you serious? One minute you pay me a really nice compliment and the next minute you insult me. Make up your mind! Either you’re going to like me, which I think would be awesome or you’re going to hate me, which would be awful. But every time I take a step forward with you, we end up going right back to the exact same place we were some 18 years ago. I personally don’t care if that’s the way you want it but if I can’t make progress, I probably won’t put much more energy into it because this is not giving me the satisfaction I’m looking for. In fact, I’m getting bored with it already and I kind of feel bad about that because I think you have a story to tell and you know I want to know what it is. But I’m not into begging and your not into talking so now I suppose we are at an impasse.


I need to post some better pictures of that cylinder and its boxing as the packaging and dispensers make the products easy to dispense in small amounts as only small amounts are needed so you really get quite a bit. All these products tend to be on the more expensive end but loyalty amounts to something.

That is not a lotion. It is actually a facial cleansing formula with pearl powder as one of the ingredients. It cleanses and moisturizes to a slight degree. I can start with ingredients again Aqua being the first in its purest form as mentioned in another product. It is not watery or runny or thick at all and I found a good method for application with that type of viscosity/consistency. The second ingeredient is sarkosyl but it is listed as its ful length name. This doesn’t come out like a foam, but that is a foaming and cleansing agent and it does foam up and cleanse considerbaly when wet and agitated. Maybe it also prevents transmission of any viruses or skin parasites and even possibly undesired foregin invader facial genetics as sarkosyl (Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate) is supposedly used to inhibit the first step of gene expression, transcription.


That compound has also been used as dentrifice, not just cleanign but for polishing and whitening teeth. Not like I’m a shark with dentricles, literaly teeth everyhwere including the surface of the skin. But it is noticeable. Glad I am talking DNA, because dumb as I was that is activity I was picking up as being primed for. Primed with cleansing fat as the next additive was another lauroyl or derivative of some lauric acid, sodium lauroamphoacetate which is fatty and very mild. I liked at the series of reactions at two these are derived and also read the latter was derived from coconuts and is yellow, but I didn’t see any yellow and I think there are synthetic ways to produce it. Both allow dirty things to be cleaned, like oil mixed with dirt with water which is very clean. Next two on the list are two plant based glucosides, Decyl, which is just another very mild surfactant and Lauryl which suggests more coconut magic which and restorative lipids both are fatty produced from reactions with fatty alcohols the former with corn starch the latter sugar.


Some pics of the box and ingredient as they are very cursh proof, transportable and stackable in your bathroom cabinet or shelf.


Yeah post how much that costs, Mark.


For all the stuff I bought about 2500 but one item was at 12x-13x markup. Also not all items cost so hefty the majority of that was for 2 items I have not shown, and I got a lot of demos and services, which I had to cut off. Give me time to develop the topic and explain as the issue is complicated.


Fair enough!