A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


LOL…Idk, look out your window!

Funny you should say that because I just made my first purchase just a few months ago. Wait till they refer you to the person that does facials and massages. I spent so much money this girl bought me a diamond bracelet from Israel and called it a ”humsa.” :face_with_monocle:I think


They are so attentive they will carry your bags out for you. I don’t ever except the price they give me. I’m cheap like that. When they ring you up, tell them it’s too expensive and try to walk away. :smirk:


Didn’t you buy several things at once recently? Yeah, check the window! lol
No seriously, you haven’t showed what’s in the bags and I really wanna see.


Without further ado I will start with the first item I purchased. I actually purchased another jar of this about a year ago and never followed up on the free refill. I forget what I paid but it was near 50 or so this time around and yes you get a refill, not that i have yet to refill any of the products but I suppose if I did last time I would probably end up buying something else. It is good sales. You can compare costs, but then compare refills with commitment and it actually makes some sense.
So what is the product here? Actually it is salt. Not regular salt but salt from the dead sea in mineral oil with a fragarance which is a lot like baby oil. No, it is not intended as a facial product. This is designed for hands.

I bought this from the L company (but I think the L and FF companies are somehow linked with L having less for skin but more for hair and I believe both offer services with the products as well as the products.) I do not get paid for any endorsements, sales or referrals.

So do I like this product or cosnider it worth using? To be honest, not at first, well with the first batch I bought. And that I actually used everywhere. Being honest, what put me off at first, and that was the smell. And part of that mayhave been me or the smells I had recently been exposed to before scrubbing myself with it. The baby oil smell made me self conscious that I smelt like a diaper and I think the oils in my skin especially on my face and head were drawn out and reacted causing me to feel embarrassment like I had lost face and replaced it quickly with what whatever weight loss it was or might have been. I don’t have facebook, but this may have been a reason preventing me.

But this is not designed as a face or body scrub! And yes with continued use I did see very good benefits and improved smell. This is a hand scrub and it does leave the hands very well scrubbed feeling very soft and supple. I do not feel overly self-conscious about my hands when I see them after being scrubbed with the salt and oil. I do not feel inferior, embarrassed, or self-conscious if somebody actually does or appears to have bigger hands or longer fingers than me.

This product I actually do like and it did improve my scent and make me aware of several other things I could improve on I previously just accepted as unchangeable or slowly progressing to worse.

But I am trying to unlock secrets, with continued use and trials I did! So the value to me is just more than a self esteem and confidence boost, and the effect is more than just a placebo. The assurance this gives me about my hands though makes me immune to psychological hand intimidation tactics so often used by people I encounter who try it at every opportunity. It just seems to much an amusing priority for some to try and intimidate and belittle. Those feelings can be scrubbed away though I have found out.

But I typed a lot in this post already, so the what is particularly physcially benefitting to me as well as elaboration on how this has affected my persona and behavior for the better will come in the next and later.


You probably have a karma issue. If you would stop using word intimidation on others perhaps people would stop using hand intimidation on you. Having said that, this product is not just for hands. Its really good for dry elbows, knees and heels. It’s also a product you can get for free. Btw, you smell like a baby today. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:Sorry! I didn’t mean it :grimacing:


I am not referring to people who talk using their hands in a shaking and violent descriptive manner. What I speak of are people who place their hands in areas where common access is needed as if their hands were those of The Divine Creator. The hand or hands are overglorified in appearance and the intimidation is towards of dexterity, experience, necessary size and function which is not the case, but if established can prevent one from results or learning an activity or simply bringing the hands near. Think of somebody trying to make you feel insecure with their hands when you were about to attempt to learn piano because you might surpass them musically or have some inherent internal triat they don’t. Or worse expose a flaw or weakness in them theyhad been superficially covering up or preventing them from actually doing what they appear to for instance: tightening a nut, unscrewing a jar, calligraphy, or manipulating meditation spheres or simply even giving a gentle desired caress or touch.

I use the product above for hands and feet only, as I find those are the only bodyparts for me this is best suited for. The mineral oil is lubricating, but the effects fade exposing the skin slightly raw after a few hours. Since the product is quite abrasive and there must be some regeneration of the dermal layer I don’t use it daily and I don’t rely on the mineral oil base it is in as the only means of replenishment. I have a lotion from the same company that balances out the removal of the dead skin and what has been trapped in that area like dirt, toxins, or smells with the support of a new fresh layer.

But that does not sum it all up.


That’s deep! You aren’t drawing a very pretty picture of Californians. But then, they are mostly liberal so…:roll_eyes:

Let’s see your lotion!


Are You Mark (Bullgod)? Your texts are so easily readable since we moved to the new bbad site. Maybe it had been an peripheral problem like a broken keyboard all the time…


It is a nice change. I like it!


Freedom and Age, Let me move forward and without rushing. Not finished with the salt yet. I saw benefit and enough potential for more to continue use of the product on a regular basis. The scent of the product is not the best to me, but it is the removal of undesired scents that is one appeal. I liken it to a small bowl of lemon juice dilute with water often set at tables when finger foods are served. It draws out and prevents the flavored oils and fluids as well as dry spices from being absorbed especially at the fingertips and under nails. Of course there is a lemon smell left behind but that is easier to remove and less pronounced. I find soap doesn’t clean my hands well. Instead it sort of seals things in like a wax seal. Maybe you have gotten a pedicure with paraffin wax before and understand the sealing. Soap covers the smell but often does not displace it. Instead it tends to seal it in and get absorbed like some emulsified fat. It may be the goal of some people to bulk up or shape their bodies, hands or feet this way. It is not mine. I have gone several days showering without any soap after using various bars and liquid soaps and smelling progressively better. My body chemistry improved. The actual ability to self clean and produce scents improved. I achieved some improvements from this product. I have used popular hand liniments before that embarrassingly caused stinking like potato poots from myhands and feet for the entire day and no real improvement in work performance and function.
In regards to smell, it removed foot odor and prevented recurrence of it. Stubborn smells that remained even with hard use of a fingernail brush and soap were more easily removed from my hands. It is easier to clean them and deodorize them with regular washing and they smell less. This is without using it every single day but even sometimes just once a week. It takes some time though.

But there was more than just the smell. Also great for removing stains in the skin and preventing skin from being easily marked up. More needs to be said about this salt though.


What do you do for a living?


I am going to have to permanently leave this site if you keep persisting with the past references and inquiries. You will not like the shift.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow:I already don’t like the shift!!!


I’m sick of your pity party, threats and your rude, vile, disgusting insults.
Show yourself!!


Here it is: a real gem, but we haven’t quite attained the level of zen to discuss it yet, but all things to come.


I keep telling you, Mark, Q10. $7. Works great. Adam told me about it a decade ago.


I am Michele. But if you are weighing in on the balance and spot occupation, even with comical dilbert look and extra set of eyes, it is going to be a loss of face. Just not enough for me. I don’t know what you are referring to by your post. You post a picture after never showing yourself for over a decade and start trying to call me out like a coward and a fraud. There is not a current poster here who has not seem images of myself. You were very racist and prejuduced towards me and does not seem to be corrected yet despite those pairs of glasses.

Back to the salt, which I know can be punishing.


What are you suggesting? I throw all this away and make my investment a waste? Getting sidetracked means getting my jaw out of alignment and possibly having it broken useless and missing forever. I don’t want to be condemned to a lifestyle like that. I had to ask myself, if I could afford this. I didn’t think of the possibility of simply not having enough face to make any use of it. I don’t intend on using other’s faces to cast off any undesired gentic traits,ugliness, or cover for any damages or supply face to make up for any insufficiencies of mine.


Ok then. Good luck with your expensive lotion. I need to buy some Q10 here in Colombia but it’s easy to find anywhere.


Try using some resources that shouldn’t be ignored. Buy your wines from nuns and ask them what is good for the face with all the sunshine they get. Who knows they might refer you to Valek.