A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


Why is that in this thread? Do you want a ton of salt in between those keys? It might affect the capicitance if that is how it operates. Does typing get depressing and hurtful to you? Like having to pick up droppings or looking into an unflushed commode or litter box for selections.


Mark, Michele posted 300 spams and you said nothing, but Will posts one pic of a keyboard and you’re mad?


Is it possible to delete those spams, or ignore the spams on this specific thread on the board?


I did request the user be banned and gave forewarning about dangerous obsession and risks in regard to identity theft and information. I used the term “run of the vein” in a very early response to one of your off topic questions in the thread. I don’t have to see that picture anymore, but think of how pleasant that woman is now to be around. No doubt there was a sense of enveloped security and comfort when the bullying and attacks started.


I posted the pic of the keyboard in a forum titled “Garrulous Geeks”. I thought it fit. Maybe you should start a skincare forum.


Create a separate topic for your keyboard in the same forum. Don’t hijack my thread. You clicked reply in my thread, or selected it from the topics under the forum. Interface with your own tech, don’t try to use me.


Oh Mea Culpa! and Fuck You!


Have to advance despite the skulduggery. The prouduct did expfoliate and give a fresh and lighter appearance to skin on the back of my hand. It worked on my face the same way making me look much younger. I was shown some pictures of bad rosacea that cleared up after yearswith use of this line of products and facials. At first this seemed to make it worse. Worse and more red and then it did clear some. Sometimes there is no appearance of of any capillaries or redness on my cheekbones, with this heat and dust it was looking like blistered grape skins were stuck on my face. But yes with continued scrubbing some of the the underlying skin was exposed and some white heads grossly came out after being healed over.

But it did get a wow change on my face. It was like I had a hard mask form in recent months maybe from dried rice paste and dust and dried blood. It kind of locked my face in somewhat of a frown or scowl and made me look much older. Scrubbing it off I could express emotion through a wider range with my face and it awoke certain brain areas doing so.

It does burn although I didn’t find anything but the citric acid to make it a chemical peeling agent, as the action is done by scrubbing. Not for use more than once or twice a week and sometimes I don’t use moisturizer immediately after to let the skin breathe a bit. If your forhead is always in a frown from headaches and frustrations this might help to unlock it and relieva that. Aslo the face feels so fresh after. You will be amazed at how much more life you get and can get through your face. Not stuffing your mouth or breathing but just how much nutrient absorption and air exchange is possible.

The exfolliation is easy with light strokes and comes off like off white color rubber eraser crumbles.

To sum it up. Causes redness and make things look worse at early stages. Leaves face raw not for daily use. Leaves face fresh and removes hardened built up dermal layers. Immediate more youthful look and feeling of life and frehsness. Will need to complement and counter harsh effects with a good cleanser and moisturizer.
Will restore more mobility to your face and expressions if you have a hard built up mask. Also exposes underlying deposits that might be the cause of some bumps. It worked on my lips as well too. I had a very ugly lower lip discoloration that looked like I kised a starfish that it improved. They also crack less with so much old skin removed. I can work better with the new skin which will become the protective layer.


Next up, it is just a small dot of gob, but can you say pearl? Because that is what it is! And yes the cap was missing when I got it.




I did have a meltdown and I targeted you. I do know why and I’m extremely sorry for it.
Part of it was grief over things happening in the world and part of it was anger over something personal and part of it was something you said that was crushing because I love the Lord and I know what price He paid for you.
I hope your site returns to normal soon and I am sorry for everything. You didn’t deserve it.


You have an incurable mental illness. There is medication to help restrain it.


I appreciate your saying that, Michele. I am glad you are past it, and I hold no grudges at all. I hope we can resume disagreeing about everything the way we did before. :slight_smile:


Well thanks for being so understanding. It was a long and at times unpleasant journey but I’m better for it.


No apology was ever given to me. I hope that apology was meant for the right person. Apologizing to the wrong people with an apology meant for somebody else should be an indicator of a shortcoming, weakness, or inferiority.
I really want to withdraw and pull out from all relations here, and if you have not noticed, it is what I have been working towards. I do not think you fully understand how badly your health has failed and how dependent you have unknowingly become on me for daily activities.

I do not have to be a slave.


I can only apologize for what I feel convicted of, Mark. And I have noticed your absence.
And I don’t think you understand that my health is being restored daily with water and the Word. But I am interested in how you come to the conclusion that I’m dependent on you for daily activities since I haven’t even heard a peep from you in so many days.


I never make peeps. Stop trying to apply to me what doesn’t which includes your female impotence.
Over 300 posts by you, all female impotence to destroy my thread and work because your putty addiction.
There is only one impotence here, female impotence and it is yours exclusively. Don’t try to convince me otherwise, and I’m sure others will find out for themsleves soon enough.


Destroy your thread? You’re upset because I melted down on your thread? I am so sorry, Mark. If there was a way I could remove it, I would. Perhaps you could take it up with Reg. I don’t understand the rest of your post.


When is your next meltdown due? Are they predictable? Are you taking your medication regularly?


Did you enjoy seeing me fall apart? Because it seems like you’re the kind of feeding on it.


No, don’t take it up with me. I am the worst moderator ever. I never ban anyone.