A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


And I immediately thanked the Lord


Within 2 minutes 2 of those flies landed on the edge of our table


And we giggled


And giggled


and 2 more flies joined us


And we giggled some more


They never moved from the edge of the table the entire time


When LaDonna finished her meal she pushed it toward the flies


And said, “Eat, in Jesus’ Name!”


And within 2 minutes those flies were in her plate


And we laughed until we cried


Thank you, Lord!


You can have your site back. My heart departs


Thanks. That was seriously weird. Do drop by again if you should happen to recover your sanity. Cheers.


This breakdown of components is getting a bit tedious and dull and maybe can be simplified. What I read and what I hypothesize from my sense and observations would be better. The green tea leaf extract is refreshing. Imagine getting caffeine topically instead of having to drink it. The face gets a treat from the flavor and pleasant smell as well as some trace minerals and nutrients. The enzymes act as catalysts for accelerated reactions. The face feels faster in restoring and rejuvenating itself than the heavy onset of aging, decompostion, and decay. If you have that dead but not decayed preserved “waxy and cheesey” look to work with you wil notice some sensation of life. The natural diamond powder you can feel as it cuts in sharp. It is well balanced with the lubricants. Maybe you have seen diamond powder and thread used for cutting Or materials things like stone cut more efficiently with constant water pouring in. Good balance for the physcial exfoliant. You can look up the benefits of the vit. e for UV protection and free radicals. Now lookng at the product you mayget tempted to eat it. I think that is due to the apricot oil. If you can resist it, your face may feel “delicious” and smooth. To me it seemed my body actually used some of the fat on my it wouldn’t face because it was so cleaned up and nutrient rich. Also with several toxins removed, burning face fat wouldn’t create such a high toxicity level that may have prevented my system from utilizing the fat because many poisons and toxins were concentrated there and kept from over toxifying and poisoning my system had they been utilized sudeenyl for fat energy. The hydrolyzed wheat protein is already broken down to component amino acids so it can be absorbed without some digestive process (how else would you get it in your face and cells if it wasn’t digested in the stomach first?), touted as a tensor with film forming process, this fis what I think makes it feel like a new firm skin and has some immediate effect on the sagging especially of the cheeks. The orange color no.4 simpyl makes it look cool and attractive to me. But I noticed it can displace any old looking orange on the face with a new more sophisticated color, like a designer light glow.

Not done yet I want to review the product overall with its synergistic effects before I move on my next tube/vessel/jar or item.


On another topic, I recently bought a new keyboard. Mechanical. Feels much better than the rubber bump keys (or whatever you call them). Been typing all my life and it’s good to have some tactile feedback. Fewer “next key over” inputs.

Tried to get a pic but couldn’t get any to transfer. It’s a Corsair K70 LUX.


Will, just FYI, this new forum software let’s you copy/paste pics right into your messages. Wherever you see the pic, just right-click-copy and ctrl-v in your message and it’ll upload.


Yeah. Tried twice just haven’t found the right pic. They just show the URL.


You sure you’re not clicking “Copy image location”? You need to choose “Copy Image”.