A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


But God is always one step ahead of him


Ask God anything. He delights in hitting you between the eyes with the truth because you are stubborn and stiff-necked.


The only way this is going to stay a comfortable place for you is if you talk to me. Otherwise, you should collapse the entire thing. Because you can not get past me. Or did you think you were going to get away with what you did?


You are a liar, Reg!


And you are going to admit it


Or you are going to wish you never met me


You already do?


That was faster than your last orgasm lol






lol sorry just a minute


Thank you Lord!


That’s the bad part about having permission to be bad as I want. I can’t keep from laughing when I do it lol


I’ll work on that lol


The Lord has blessed me! Thank you Lord!


I’m lonely and bored.


My heart departs


I want the world to know one thing about my trip


When LaDonna and I went down to dinner, there were 2 women behind me. Donna saw flies bothering them.


And she said a quick pray that went much like, Stop bothering those women. In Jesus Name.