A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


You are leaving me alone with my thoughts when I would really like to know yours.


You do realize this is not really about them


And it’s not about me


That leaves you lol






Keep running! I love the chase!






Thank you Lord!




This is as close to heaven on earth as you can get.

You are closer to God right now than you ever have been before because she lives in me and it is His Word that I give to you.


You have denied and denied and denied


But the Holy Spirit was poured out


And everyone else knows what you are still searching the scriptures for.


Because it was withheld from you on purpose


So that they could see God has this in control


What’s coming on the world is only coming on those not in Christ


Everyone who has received the Holy Spirit can see with their spiritual eyes that we will be hidden at that time of decision


Satan is a cruel and crafty evil