A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more




I have been given this website until the dispensation of Grace is complete.


It belongs to me and you are going to find it difficult to work around me


Because no one gets left behind that I asked for


I’m about to mind take you in a good way every day


I warned you about an iron fist coming. And I had no clue what was going to be said.


I am sorry I called you names. That’s what hate is tho


You don’t understand it because you don’t feel it


You are neither hot nor cold. You neither love nor hate


Now you have seen both


And if my prayer was answered, you felt it.


Reg it’s not easy having a one sided relationship


It makes me feel like you don’t want me here


And yet I keep getting these thank you and appreciated badges


I’m getting mixed signals


This just proves you are a liar


You said you would “engage with them”


Until they say something you can’t relate to


Then you go frigid lol sorry


Is this still a comfortable place for you online?