A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


I’m not like that at all


But I have permission to be as bad as I want


And that was only scraping the surface compared to the rage I can show you


Because I am either all love or all hate. They don’t mix.


Which do you want to talk to?


My heart departs from here


Next, and not long now, is the plunge into deep depression and shame. The manic is short term compared to the depression.


This is one of the weirdest meltdowns I’ve ever seen online. I never would have expected this.


I just scrolled up and I don’t feel like I was having a meltdown at all.


You are the ones frozen in time


You talk to each other as if I’m not here




Frigid is more like it


Go get your coffee. I’m not going anywhere


Good morning, Reg!


I’m sure sorry I didn’t give you any foreplay last night lol


I’ll work on that lol


God does have a sense of humor


I truly believe God has the heart of a woman


And the mind of a man