A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


I’m sorry lol


Breathe and exhale lol


Come on. You have had plenty of time to digest what I’ve said.


Let’s get acquainted :wink:


It’s either liars or girls. Which are you?


Back to liars I guess


Let’s play a game. I love games lol


I’ll ask you a question, and you give me the answer.


And if you lie about it, which you will, because God told me you would, I will pinch you just a little under the arm lol


What is the one secret the entire world shares but never talks about?


Would you like to talk about you? I would lol


Thank you, Lord! For you have entertained me when they couldn’t.

Because they are afraid of me lol


Tell me, how does it feel?


To be treated like a girl? lol


You are right! It’s not funny!


Welcome to my world!


I’m bored!


If you ever want to talk to me, I’m just one text away lol


Tell me, can you feel the hate?


I’m not actually like that